6 Extraordinary Eco Friendly Destinations In India To Explore This Holiday Season With Family

The discerning traveller wants more from their travel nowadays, and these eco friendly destinations in India give you that "more" that you would look for.

The discerning traveller wants more from their travel nowadays, and these eco friendly destinations in India give you that “more” that you would look for.

With science, technology and development taking the entire world under its wings, man often misses the lap of Mother Nature. In wake of his longing and to reconnect with environment and promote harmony, numerous eco friendly destinations are being set up. Here are a few:-

Paivihir Eco Village

Situated at the foothills of the Melghat region of Amrawati in Maharashtra, Paivihir Eco Village has been earning fame as one of the most active eco friendly destinations in India.


A cluster of nearly 100 tribal families inhabiting this village essentially focus on restoration of depleted forestation and lost biodiversity in the surrounding forests. These villagers have been granted rights to grow and promote forests on 190 hectares of land around under the Forests Rights Act 2006. This ambitious project was initiated in 2012 by AID John Hopkins University, and also emphasises on building roads and dams, soil quality improvement, generating employement and such others.

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Siddharth Village

Formed with the objective of promoting global harmony and brotherhood, Siddharth Village is a wonderful platform to explore Orissa and its tribal community.


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As a means of attaining its objective of community growth and development, it organises eco-tours for individuals and organisations and lets you have an insight into local ecology, tribal traditions, environment conservation and eco-farming. With a strong network of nearly 200000 tribal people, it also hosts Vipassana Meditation courses.

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Govardhan Eco Village

Nestled within the noisy metro city of Mumbai is this tranquil and mystic small eco village run by the pious ISKCON Temples.



Govardhan Eco Village is symbolic of rural transformation, sustainable living and community sharing of resources. Promoting holistic development of the destitutes, it teaches us to harmonise with the divine ecology and cosmic laws. Guests at the village are welcomed for a tour through attractions highlighting rural education, cow protection and spiritual care.

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Students’ Educational and Cultural Movement of Ladakh was formed in 1988 by some young locals to change the face of education system in Ladakh.


Owing to harsh climatic conditions, poor governmental policies and terrorism; as many as 95% students failed in 10th std exams in 1998. Resultantly this platform was made to provide better education facilities to the society. Another spectacular feature of this community destination is its impetus on renewable energy usage. Students and public at large are invited to educate them about solar cookers, solar commercial water heaters, biomass cookers and biogas as Kashmir is blessed with abundant solar energy due to its location on high altitudes.

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Tai Phakey Village

This untouched, divine, and one of the most exotic eco friendly destinations in India is located in Assam, one of the seven north eastern states of India. Established by a group of about 150 families of the Tai Phakey Buddhist tribe, what makes this eco destination special is the presence of an ancient Buddhist monastery here that still adheres to the traditions and customs of the great Tai race.



An eco tourism camp situated in the vicinity allows staying facilities for families and individuals to explore tribal ethnic culture, trekking, bird watching and many others.

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Probably the most revered among eco friendly destinations across India, that has earned international recognition is Auroville in Pondicherry, Tamil Nadu.


It was founded as early as 1968 by Mirra Alfassa, popularly called the “Mother” and designed by architect Roger Anger. It essentially focuses on building a universal community town where people from various countries live peacefully together, fostering global brotherhood and harmony.

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