14 Thoughtful Gifts We Teenage Girls Would Love To Get During The Festive Season!

Think 'gifts for girls' and one thinks 'bling'! But girls would like more thoughtful gifts too, a mix of things and experiences.

Think ‘gifts for girls’ and one thinks ‘bling’! But girls would like more thoughtful gifts too, a mix of things and experiences.

Gifts always hold a very warm place in our hearts. For us kids, getting a gift is a feeling on top of the world. We would love to showered with gifts, yes, but what if we get some thoughtful gifts? Wouldn’t that be great? Not all of us like our gifts to be funky, girly and bling.

Here is a list of few such thoughtful gifts that we would long to have:


In this techno era where video games dominate our preference for leisurely pleasures, please as parents gift us these amazing skateboards. These will not only compel us to step outside home to play, but will also give a sense of freedom, adventure and fun we long for.

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A good book

Books shall always be our company, no matter when, no matter where. We must inculcate this wonderful habit of reading. This gift will help us explore our imagination and creativity, weave an expectation of the world around and most importantly, help us build a strong vocabulary. Isn’t it a win-win alternative??

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Mermaid Blanket

Probably the cutest gift ever! As children, we have all fantasized life below the sea, sea horses and mermaids and very well know how exciting and dreamy it is. Why not pamper us like princesses and get us this super comfy, colorful blanket right away!

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Visit to an Orphanage

Well, am sure while going through the above list; this must have confused you a bit. Though not materialistic, I believe this one gift has the potential to change our outlook forever. It’ll teach us care, compassion and benevolence when we meet those estranged elders and earn their blessings. I really request each one of you to take your girls and her friends for this one beautiful visit at least once.

Karate Kit

The way crimes against young girls and women are rising, the situation is really alarming for us. It should be our prime responsibility to not only be self reliant but also masters in self-defense to tackle any unfortunate circumstances. You can gift us a karate kit and be assured of our safety during any time of the day!

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Sanitary Pouch

Adolescence is a period of great transformation not only for our mind, but also our body and habits. When girls start menstruating, it is essential to teach them how to deal with it. Help us not fear stains and consequent loss of self confidence by getting us this thoughtful gift. It will ensure ample supply of pads when in need and staying secured.

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Trekking Trip

We’ve heard that a person grows and evolves the most in nature’s lap. Teenage is life’s stage where children are under constant protection and supervision of parents. Send us once at least on these camps and treks so as to learn precious qualities of team work, leadership, nature respect, adventure and fend for ourselves under harsh conditions.

Wrist watch

A wise man once said, “Time is Money” and could he be any more appropriate? Time management skills learnt at the right time can reap fruits for a lifetime. It will teach how to maintain the perfect balance between work, family and self. Help us learn this skill by presenting this worthy gift.

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Trendy bag

There isn’t a single girl who does not gush over a trendy handbag! It is an accessory that we just cannot do without. Carrying a bag would teach us not only how to arrange our stuff in order, what essentials are required when traveling and moreover the concept of “traveling light”.

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Skipping Rope

Funny as it sounds but it definitely can make up to be a mindful gift. As a growing kid, I can vouch it’ll encourage your girl towards fitness and exercise. Also, it is believed that skipping can accelerate height growth and keep them refreshed, so why not give it a try?

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Photography Lessons

A memory is best captured as an image. Each image has thousands of stories to it. When captured accurately, they can beautifully preserve a person’s emotions as well. Train us by sending us for these lessons as we’ll be able to cherish all our important moments, memories and the beauty around to cherish forever.

Notebook Bottle

This sleek, stylish and innovative water bottle is surely going to be loved by your daughter. This gift is easy to handle and takes up hardly any space in the bag. As children, we shall also learn to always carry water from home as it is not only safe and clean but shall also keep us hydrated always.

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Visit to an animal shelter

Animals are our best friends. Not only are they loyal and helpful, but affectionate and caring. Unfortunately, man has been exploiting them for his own fun lately. You could teach us how to respect them, look after them and protect them while taking us to an animal shelter sometime. It would prove to be an insightful experience for both of us.

Women in Science (Book)

It is a perceived notion that males have an upper hand when it comes to research, technology and engineering. But we should be determined to bring about a change by raising our girls differently. This gift shall light the fire of curiosity and interest in our young mind and help get a firm grip over all matters of science. Push our knowledge quotient a notch higher by adding this fantastic book to our collection.

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What parents give kids as gifts may just mean a thing to them but for us it matters a great deal. Teenage is the building era of one’s life. If this foundation is kept right, we will blossom forever. Thoughtful gifts is the answer!

Image source: pixabay

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