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complications during pregnancy
10 Complications During Pregnancy That Can Be Life-Threatening

Complications during pregnancy are a common, but sometimes these issues can become life-threatening! Check this list out and be aware!

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books on adoption
8 Books On Adoption That Will Give You A 360 Degree View Of This Way To Create A Family

There is nothing as wonderful as adopting a child, with the promise of love, security, and belonging. Here are some amazing books on adoption to interest you.

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biopics on Indian women
Have You Watched These 10 Bollywood Movies On The Lives Of Iconic Indian Women?

Bollywood has been slow get on the path of biopics on Indian women, but we have had many that have hit the box office in the past decade. Here's a look.

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yoga for kids
A Beginner’s Guide To Yoga For Kids: Check Out These 10 Easy Asanas Today

Wondering about yoga for kids and when they can be introduced to it? We have compiled a list of 10 easy asanas your kids can begin with.

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Eco Friendly Destinations
6 Extraordinary Eco Friendly Destinations In India To Explore This Holiday Season With Family

The discerning traveller wants more from their travel nowadays, and these eco friendly destinations in India give you that "more" that you would look for.

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thoughtful gifts
14 Thoughtful Gifts We Teenage Girls Would Love To Get During The Festive Season!

Think 'gifts for girls' and one thinks 'bling'! But girls would like more thoughtful gifts too, a mix of things and experiences.

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Indian short films
8 Indian Short Films That Unpack What Feminism Is All About. Do You Know Of Any Others?

India's International Short Film Festival begins tomorrow, 16th September, in Mumbai. Here are 10 Indian short films with a feminist voice you must watch.

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articles on travel
7 Must Read Articles On Travel Before Getting Ready For The Post Monsoons Tourist Season

Gearing up for the post monsoons tourist season? Check out these fun and informative articles on travel that can nudge you out of your routine.

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It’s Always Good To Know How To Manage Your Finances, Especially As A Woman

Want to know more about how to manage your finances as a woman? Check out these great articles on Women's Web that give a good overview of how to.

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Indian women sports writers
6 Extraordinary Indian Women Sports Writers On Their Mark In A Nearly All-Male Field

With bright stars like Deepa Malik, PV Sindhu and Mitali Raj as proof that Indian women can also excel at sports, it's time to discover our Indian women sports writers.

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gluten free recipes
10 Easy Indian Gluten Free Recipes That Go Excellently With Your Everyday Food Habits

A search for gluten free recipes throws up food options that do not, unfortunately, cater to the Indian food sensibilities. Here are 10 recipes that you must try, then!

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hot drinks
10 Exciting Hot Drinks To Relish Before The Monsoons Slip Away!

The monsoons mean a lovely chill in the air. What better than to make one of these hot drinks and sip them while enjoying your day at home?

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Menstrual Huts No More — Nepal Passes Law To End ‘Chhaupadi’

Nepal passes law to end practice of 'Chhaupadi' or exiling menstruating women to menstrual huts.

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Ugh! 10 Ways I’d Rather Not Be Like That Silly Woman Simran, From DDLJ!

Many of us grew up with Simran from DDLJ as a role model for girls? Read this and you won’t think so any more…

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8 Government Schemes For Women In India

With the modern world at the horizon, these 8 Government schemes are leaving no stone unturned for the upliftment of women.

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Sharmila Rao
Sharmila Rao Shows Us The Way With Hope And Courage, Despite Horrifying Setbacks In Her Life

A survivor through and through, read the story of Sharmila Rao who is the physical manifestation of hope and courage.

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great dads in books
10 Books With Great Dads That You Must Check Out This Father’s Day

Desirous of becoming your child's favourite hero? Want to be that 'great dad' for them? Explore some of these iconic great dads in books.

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guilt to gynae
Why There Is No Place For Guilt In Asking A Gynaecologist Questions!

As young women, let us not let our difficulty in overcoming the guilt over owning our sexuality stop us from asking a gynaecologist necessary questions - let it be guilt to gynae!

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Indian travel bloggers
15 Top Indian Travel Bloggers Share Their Favourite Summer Destinations; Pick Yours!

These top Indian travel bloggers recommend some of the best summer destinations that you can still plan to visit even as the monsoons come on.

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I <3 These Young Women With Vision From These 3 Hindi Movies

They say, “Little girls with dreams become women with vision.” And the 'Millennial Woman' is the perfect example of it.

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