I <3 These Young Women With Vision From These 3 Hindi Movies

They say, “Little girls with dreams become women with vision.” And the 'Millennial Woman' is the perfect example of it.

They say, “Little girls with dreams become women with vision.” And the ‘Millennial Woman’ is the perfect example of it.

Not only have we conquered nations, but also climbed mountains and found our way to the moon. Yet, unfortunately, every day we face tests to prove ourselves in some way or the other. We find ourselves either struggling for our respect or proving our worth.

It just doesn’t end there. Some of us find it difficult to accept our feelings while the others are criticized for voicing their opinions. Sailing our way through this dilemma we often tend to lose our sight.

But then, it is in this conflict of discovering our identity, that we experience some beautiful characters coming to life on the silver screen. They seem to be masked souls, the key to our inner self, answers to our doubts. Some such female characters, from our very own Bollywood, that bring out the essence of a modern woman in the most charismatic manner and inspire me are-

Deepika Padukone as Naina (Yeh Jawaani hai Deewani)

The tender, soft, lovable girl behind those geeky glasses. It’s just beyond one’s control not to fall in love with her. Her compassion for Bunny (Ranbir) taught us what it is to love with patience, what it is to love unconditionally, what it is to love without expectations.

Often we come across people in our lives that become special even before we know it. But not always are we fortunate enough to have them. It certainly doesn’t mean the feelings weren’t real or the person was wrong. Although grace lies in acknowledging our feelings, accepting the present and trusting the destiny… just like Naina did!

Priyanka Chopra as Neha (Dostana)

The classy, sexy and super independent Neha is a true blue 21st century girl. Just as much she is focused on her career, she is equally simple at heart, warm and friendly.

The way she slogs for achieving her much deserved promotion brings out how much today’s women love their jobs, and how the passion for it describes them. She is always vocal about her opinions and stands confident. She always goes the extra mile to help and protect her besties Sam (John) and Kunal (Abhishek). Yet, we find she breaks the stereotype, that a girl and a guy can never be friends. Cheers to this girl!

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Kirti Kulhari as Falak (Pink)

Though in the beginning Falak appears to be naïve and just another girl-next-door, eventually we realize there is so much more to her. Underestimated as silent and weak, she fights back like a warrior and supports Minal (Tapsee) throughout.

Even when her character comes under the scanner, she doesn’t give in but struggles. The way at first she urges Minal to apologize and finish off the matter but later encourages her to fight against the evil, depicts her sensibility and righteousness. The fact that she is in love with an elderly man shows her courage to go against the society and rebel. She borrows some money from her boyfriend only to return it later teaching us how one cannot lose self respect even by being dependent when in love. She had the courage to accept false accusations yet come clean. If it wasn’t for her, Minal probably might not have got the justice. She portrayed someone every woman would want to be herself.

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