It’s Always Good To Know How To Manage Your Finances, Especially As A Woman

Want to know more about how to manage your finances as a woman? Check out these great articles on Women's Web that give a good overview of how to.

Want to know more about how to manage your finances as a woman? Check out these great articles on Women’s Web that give a good overview of how to.

“A woman’s best protection is a little money of her own.” — Clare Boothe Luce

With 21st century women standing at the threshold of this exciting journey to their equality and liberation, it becomes imperative for them to stand at par with the so called ‘alpha males’ financially.

Becoming financially independent is not just earning money but together brings along reputation, self esteem and confidence. To inspire and guide all you lovely ladies, I present a compilation of some striking articles on Women’s Web, covering many aspects of money management.

A-B-C of Finance

As women we need to be aware of, and understand our financial needs and long term goals. Rather than leaving the same to be taken care of by someone else, let us take take charge and start planning early. Evaluate your risk taking appetite, your resources, and your expected return along with global financial influences. Make sure to have a mentor who takes you through your entire journey.

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Breaking myths

A while ago, it was that time of the year when we had to file tax returns. With audit deadlines to meet and all the buzz about GST implementation making rounds, there are a few myths that need to be busted right away.

As women, especially Indian, we are often told that there is no need for women to indulge into financial matters as she should be dependent either on husband or her father. If that’s not bizarre enough, we hear a lot many women thinking themselves not competent enough to handle these calculations, and often finding it ‘boring’. With powerful ladies like Chanda Kochhar, Shikha Sharma and others leading Indian finance giants, it’s hard to really believe in these stereotypes.

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For beginners

In the last few years we have witnessed the rise of women in all spheres of life. Be it education, healthcare or research, we feel their presence all around. With girls outshining boys in all competitive exams, it is desirable for these young girls to become financially sound women of tomorrow.

When beginning your career, one must pay attention to where they want to reach in long time. At what age do they want to retire and with what level of security. It is very thoughtfully said, “The sooner you sow, the greater you reap.” Girls in the age group of 24-30 please focus on

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Technology – our knight in shining armor

Technology has been our savior in everyday life now. Right from managing our work emails to our Facebook accounts to our newspaper reading to health details to our hotel bookings, we are wholly dependent on technology and mobiles and apps for all of this. Then why not our finances? Ever thought how much time and effort it would save if we could plan and look after our money matters just through some app in our mobile? Go on to read more about the advantages of technology enabled finance management.

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Shoutout to all the Single Ladies

With changing times, there has been spectacular turnaround in the mentality and outlook of young Indian women. It is no more mandatory for us to have a guy to complement us at every step of our life. We are mature and sensible enough to choose our own path. But nevertheless this decision requires a realistic approach and judicious planning. After all “A man is not a financial plan. Your financial success is up to you.” — Brenna Smith, founder of So all you single Indian ladies, this one is for you.

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Real life inspirational stories

More often than not, actions influence us more than words. What eyes see has more far reaching results than what our ears hear. If even after reading the above mentioned pros of challenging yourself about handling your finances independently and wisely you still feel lack of that push, I present to you some real life stories of women who have emerged as champions in life after they decided to stand up for their financial needs, opening the sky for their freedom and empowerment.

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Remember you construct your life, your world. Make sure it’s beautiful and magnificent. Make every step, every penny count!!

Image source: Photo by Ariel Lustre on Unsplash

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