10 Exciting Hot Drinks To Relish Before The Monsoons Slip Away!

The monsoons mean a lovely chill in the air. What better than to make one of these hot drinks and sip them while enjoying your day at home?

The monsoons mean a lovely chill in the air. What better than to make one of these hot drinks and sip them while enjoying your day at home?

Monsoon Blues? Rains battering your city day and night? Troubled with mood swings? If any of these made you nod your head, it’s time you snuggle out of your gloom and follow me through a classic collection of 10 kickass hot drinks that I have thoughtfully curated for you to feel energetic and refreshed again. Let’s begin!


One of the most revered hot drinks for chilly winters and cool monsoons, this Kashmiri delicacy has stories of its admiration doing rounds globally for centuries now. With all its ingredients as basic and easily available as possible, it has extraordinary healing and aromatic values. It is worth your taste at least once ladies!

Recipe here

Kesaria Doodh

This next drink rules our country across stretches and is enjoyed by all groups alike. Filled with lots of saffron, dry fruits and other spices, not only makes it rich but also its beautiful yellowish color is magical to the eyes. With preparation time as little as 5 minutes, am sure you would want to jump to the kitchen to prepare this right away.

Recipe here

Irish Coffee

Often this coffee cocktail is famous as contemporary India’s favorite. This hot drink is made blending hot coffee with some portion of whiskey. A perfect solution to both your coffee cravings and a dose of alcohol to get high, this will surely be an exciting experience for one and all.

Recipe here

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Hot Apple Punch

This hot drink is surely out of a Genie’s magic box. Perfect to soothe your senses and pull you back to life again, most spectacular feature of this recipe is that it can also be served chilled if you just want to relax and spend your time cozying.

Recipe here

Herbal Tea

Monsoons and winters are not just the season to snuggle up but also easy breeding times for mosquitoes and other viral infections. It is of utmost importance to be precautious and look well after your health. Indian culture since times unknown has been giving us fruitful herbal tea recipes to battle these seasons.

Recipe here

Hot White Chocolate

The first sign of reminder that our senses give us as soon as cold weather slips in is the craving for hot chocolate. But why just stick to conventional dark chocolate. Ever thought of playing with other varieties of your favorite chocolate like caramel or white chocolate? Try this.

Recipe here

Hot Mushroom Tea

Eh confused? Unable to believe what I’m saying? Believe me, that’s the reaction we would expect of anyone when told of using mushroom as an ingredient in tea. We have been relishing delicacies of mushroom in all forms but let’s try and take a step forward and go on to learning this extremely beneficial tea.

Recipe here

Baileys Delight

Funky, creamy, sweet and colorful, this hot drink is sure to lure you into a mystical indulgence. The cherry on the top is its portion of alcohol that makes it altogether exciting and fun. I suggest that you don’t waste time and scroll through the recipe immediately and enjoy this hot drink as long as the cold weather continues.

Recipe here

Jaggery Tea

The word jaggery makes your mouth tingle with sweet sensations but believe me when I say it has amazing therapeutic and healing values in abundance. It’s time to change the stereotypical thoughts and make way for the unique ‘jaggery tea’.

Recipe here

Mulled Cranberry Punch

The last in the list but definitely not the least. This hot drink is in essence a game changer. We have always assumed fruits, berries and juices to be a part of coolers and mocktails but how would it be if we could use all these together to prepare a unique hot drink? This is my personal recommendation!

Recipe here

Hope you had a great time learning these wonderful recipes of hot drinks. Try your hands on each one, sipping sitting by the window side reading, binge watching your favourite programme or spending evenings beside your dear ones. Happy Monsoons!

Image source: pixabay

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