10 Easy Indian Gluten Free Recipes That Go Excellently With Your Everyday Food Habits

A search for gluten free recipes throws up food options that do not, unfortunately, cater to the Indian food sensibilities. Here are 10 recipes that you must try, then!

A search for gluten free recipes throws up food options that do not, unfortunately, cater to the Indian food sensibilities. Here are 10 recipes that you must try, then!

Gluten sensitivity, the latest buzzword, has become quite a hype currently, and many people who favour adding organic foods to their diet, and are careful about holistic health and fitness, also go in for gluten free food.

However, while there is a glut of gluten free recipes in the western world, there seem to be very little that is compatible with a typical Indian diet. Consequently here I present these wonderful, easy to make gluten free recipes that will not be out of place in an Indian kitchen!

Gluten Free Chapati

The humble chapati or roti is a staple in most Indian diets. Chapatis made of wheat are the biggest contributor of carbs in our diet. How, then, can one avoid them? Worry not. Try this gluten free recipe, and viola! You have your usual chapati!


Avocado Paratha

Bored of the same everyday food regime consisting of chapati, veggies and dal and wonder if there isn’t anything more? Try out a paratha. We bring to you its healthy gluten free option.


Vegan Spinach & Jalapeno Stuffed Omelettes

Many of our vegan friends lack in proteins and iron requirements in their diet, that is easily available in meat and products. In order to compensate for these deficiencies and better metabolism, we have brought this unique gluten free recipe.

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Quinoa Lentil Stew

Don’t be scared of the complicated name. In substance it is nothing but our national food ‘khichadi.’ Each one of us hands down craves for this preparation of rice and dal. High on taste quotient, it often is high on carbohydrates and other fats. Change a few ingredients and continue to hog on this all-time-easy-meal.


Chick & Cheese (inspired from Mac & Cheese)

Kids and teenagers love to live on everything that’s junk, unhealthy and full of calories. Not realizing the importance of nutritious food in building years, it can be very difficult to draw their attention towards gluten free recipes. This one would incontestably solve all your worries.


Gol Gappe/ Pani Puri

Did you just not believe your eyes? Are you reading it again? Well, let me assure you, every word am saying is true. India’s most sought after street food, Gol Gappe or Panipuri, is something that’s available across the country. How wonderful would it be if we could improvise it with a healthier gluten free option?



Time to wave goodbye to expensive, high on carbohydrates Domino’s and welcome the better, healthy gluten free alternative. Easy to make at home and less costly, this would never force you to think twice before indulging into sinful pizzas next time onwards, while reaping the benefits of using gluten free recipes!



Though we experience this heavenly smell at every Indian corner, we just can’t avoid the dangerous pit of oil in which it is fried and the amount of potatoes and other spices that go inside it. It is need of the hour to switch from this unhealthy snack to its gluten free option, which is also extremely healthy, oil and spice-wise.


Gluten Free Gulab Jamun

Sweet tooth much? Crave mithai post every meal? Yet always conscious about calorie and fat intake? No more my dear ladies. We have just answered your prayers as we present to you this gluten free recipe that is also healthy.


Chocolate Brownies

It’s always advised to end a meal with something sweet. It not only helps to savor the tastes of other delicacies but also helps to digest the same. And a chocolate brownie is savoured by everyone, and goes well even with Indian food! If that’s the case, why not end our exploration of gluten free recipes with this mouth watering dessert?


Image source: By Zeel Patel (Own work) [CC BY-SA 4.0], via Wikimedia Commons, and Flickr, for representational purposes only.

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