7 Must Read Articles On Travel Before Getting Ready For The Post Monsoons Tourist Season

Gearing up for the post monsoons tourist season? Check out these fun and informative articles on travel that can nudge you out of your routine.

Gearing up for the post monsoons tourist season? Check out these fun and informative articles on travel that can nudge you out of your routine.

Travel brings power and love back to life. It now has a brand new meaning to it. It has emerged beyond exploring places randomly but has profound interpretations in context of soul searching and motivation.

I bring to you a thoughtfully curated list of articles on travel and its various aspects. Enjoy!

Planning affordable travel

Of all the books in the world, the best stories are found in between the pages of a passport. Travel gives deep insights opening new realms to ones personality and outlook. Though cool and exciting and ambitious, often travel plans can burn deep holes in your pockets. So don’t let money spoil your dreams. Plan early, plan smart. Effective calculations can save a lot allowing you to derive additional benefits.

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The Road Less Travelled

Often we hear people fantasizing about foreign lands, snow covered peaks, deep oceans. But have you ever thought of exploring our deep roots, our rural jewels? India is fortunately blessed with bountiful villages, transforming rural society, delving into rich culture and century old traditions. Personally recommended, this must be on your list.

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Lively locals

What is travel if not to uncover the ethnic culture, relishing cuisine and friendly locals? Nothing can present the history, the beliefs of a place better than its inhabitants. Their stories, anecdotes and myths have the power to change one’s outlook. Single woman travelers may hesitate interacting with them keeping in view their security concerns. But worry not. We bring to you guidelines on mingling with natives without feeling threatened to give you a completely mystical experience.

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Souvenirs and memories

We may travel for a couple of days; however the magic of memories linger for a long time. Many of us may opt to buy a token of remembrance or some antiques unique to a place to capture our beautiful time spent there. These souvenirs may range from clothing to artifacts to pictures to fragrances. I suggest to my readers, always be careful when selecting souvenirs returning from a trip for they are a powerful weapon that has the capability to drive you back in time. Have a look at what should be picked up as souvenirs.

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Travel Clubs

With more and more women joining the working professional fraternity, the more independent they’re becoming. Taking their new found confidence to yet another level, many of them are venturing into solo trips. But keeping in mind the safety of the environment around us, most of us step back. But don’t get disheartened girls. We almost have the answer to your desperate prayers. We present to you “Only Women Travel Clubs.” Sounds exciting? Not just exciting but extremely innovative. These travel clubs organize women specific tours to places far and near and provide a creative space for networking as well. So what are you waiting for? Pick your bags and approach them at once!

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But, Safety comes first!

Often since women are considered to be the weaker section of the society, we are bombarded with numerous questions when expressing the desire to travel and explore the world alone from our security point of view. However, if you plan judiciously and keep yourself updated, situations shall remain under control and you can move smoothly. Have a look at few safety instructions.

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Get the real feel of a place at ‘Homestays’

To get the actual sense of a location, to totally immerse into its culture, to experience its past, present and future, nothing comes closer to checking out local ‘Homestays’. Not only are they cheaper from financial perspective, but safer for you get to stay at houses as compared to hotels. Also they provide you a peek into local cuisine, stories, customs and much more. An absolutely exciting and fresh experience!

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Certainly, travel is more than just seeing of sights. It is a transformation that goes on; deep and permanent in the ideas of living. Explore. Discover. Become!!

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