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5 Women Only Travel Clubs In India: Go Girl Go!

Posted: September 5, 2015

Here is a list of 5 women only travel clubs that organize women specific tours to exotic places and provide newer experiences and a platform for networking.

Travel has a brand new meaning now! My parents used to take me and my sister for trips to different locations in India where it was mostly sightseeing. After I got married our couple travel was mostly experiencing places and food. Now after I became a mom I realize that travel has become much more difficult. I have a never ending list of do’s and dont’s regarding the kind of destination, hotels, food, mode of travel, time of travel and what not! Yes, these are important for travel but we end up with very few choices with an increasing list of prerequisites. You will not be able to get the whole experience of a travel in such cases which are unavoidable with kids I guess.

It’s not about just kids, but the travel experience changes with parents to friends to husband to kids. So when is it that you actually explore a place on your own? When is it that you get to experience a place out of your personal interest at your own pace? That’s what makes a solo travel most sought after mode of travel these days. There are different travel companies offering customized women only travel, which surely enriches your whole travel experience.

Stay with me while I give you a list of such travel groups you can choose from.

The WOW Club – Women On Wanderlust

WOW is one of the famous women travel clubs run by Sumitra. It is a club that organizes trips to all over the world only for women. They bring like-minded women together and help them in providing itineraries and make all the travel arrangements. If trouble free holiday with fellow women is on your mind then WOW is the place. The tours are accompanied by a knowledgeable WOW buddy and do around 75 trips a year. They also organize DIY holidays called Zing holidays for those interested in self-guided tours.

WOW Club

Women On Clouds Club

This Delhi based travel company is in service since 2007 and was instrumental in arranging different kinds of women travel. They provide opportunities for women to explore fresh destinations and at the same time give a platform to network with women from varied backgrounds. Their products include weekend, adventure, leisure and yoga getaways.

Women On Clouds Club

Soul Purpose

Mimi and Vidya started Soul Purpose with the purpose of giving an adrenaline rush to women. Yes they do adventure tours which include trekking, kayaking, rafting and wild life safari to name a few. They also conduct workshops on photography, meditation, yoga and wellness to make the travel worthwhile. And they say that one need not worry about their fitness levels as they have tailor made activities for everyone.

Soul Purpose

Wonderful World

Started by Shibani who has army roots and hence was never rooted to any place, Wonderful World specifies that they offer holidays and not just guided tours. Their women groups for travel are not more than 12-14 in size, which makes the experience an intimate one. Also they give detailed description of itineraries on their site, making it easier for women opting for a particular trip. They also have a concept called ‘Wonderful Wallet’ in which they credit you with a certain percentage of total amount spent on a particular trip, which can be redeemed in the future trips with them.

Wonderful World


This Bangalore based travel company is all set to revolutionize the way women travel. They mention that travel has to be an experience and believe in that by providing accommodation in comfortable homestays and eco-resorts, which brings in the local flavors as opposed to regular tourist hotels. They also do community initiatives by setting up a platform for talented rural and urban women where they can exhibit and sell their products.


With such travel forums organizing awesome tours with the company of like-minded women, all we need to do is to create time for that well-deserved holiday. Have you packed your bags yet?

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  1. Girls On The Go (www.girlsonthegoclub.com, email: girlsonthegoclub@gmail.com) is a travel club only for women travel enthusiasts started by Piya Bose in 2008 with trips to exotic locations like Antarctica, Mongolia, Greenland, Iceland, Norway, Greece, Russia, Alaska, Kenya with Masai Mara and the great migration, Argentina, Peru, Chile, Brazil, Mexico, Iran, Israel, Jordan, Egypt, Bali, Myanmar, Cambodia, Laos, Vietnam, China, Korea and Japan, Arctic cruises, river cruises, treks and hikes, getaways to deserted islands and deserts with island oasis and palaces or homestays in unbelievable scenic settings and wildlife and cultural and gastronomic experiences in India and international destinations that would inspire Marco Polo, Ibn Batuta, Freya Stark or Huen Tsang.

  2. Interesting article- didn’t know about the other women groups.. was aware of the WOW club. Guess that’s very popular. But WOW is too money minded and not professional- burnt my fingers once. Don’t really know if the others are good..

  3. My sentiments Shabana, I found WOW to be very expensive & totally unprofessional n unprepared. The owner had no clue about the places she took us to , was her first time as well. The food was terrible & she charged far more than other agencies going to the same places. The hotels were so so

    • Dear Sangeeta,

      All of our trips are professionally run with expert local guides, who go out of the way to help – even with personal issues. We are confident of the hotels we book, they are safe, clean and comfortable. Our itineraries are interesting, well curated and we certainly stand by our rates, inclusions and offers

      We should also mention, that all our international itineraries are curated by the Founder of The WOW Club. And before that, she was an internationally acclaimed travel writer for the previous 15 years.

      We believe we are doing something right, because more and more women choose to travel with us, in fact this summer we are celebrating a dozen WOWs – 12 years since we started. WOW has created an alternative social platform for like minded, independent women the world over.

      Hopefully we’ll get another opportunity to have you on board and give you a really WOW trip! Looking forward to it

  4. hi guys, grt to hear u…i am fond of travelling but dont have any friends who can join me, every plan gets cancelled last moments, its pathetic that i involvled in almost more than 50 plans but none of them succeed was searching for a grp or friends who can join me to have blast fun..

  5. Thee Beauties(theebeauties.com) is a travel club curating trips specifically for women. They have many weekend getaways apart from exotic destinations. Their trips are well planned and detailed. A team member, Trip Captain, is always there to assist and guide. The entire trip is made quite memorable. Check them out!

  6. These kind of post are always inspiring and I prefer to read quality content so I happy to find many good point here in the post, writing is simply great, thank you for the post.

  7. Hi,
    Eshal n Deepali I am interested to join u ppl. Even I am also fond of travelling where no one who can join me.

  8. Hi
    I am interested in joining the club.

  9. I love travelling but no company, wish to have some travelling friends

  10. Hi … lets start a WhatsApp group of all women interested in traveling n then maybe we could agree
    On a destination n plan w/o a travel agent?

    • hi we are a destination management company my travel deck, we also customize packages for groups. If you have any plans, kindly call us @9899380882

  11. Hi, Same problem with me also.I like traveling but not getting anyone who can join me

  12. Pooja Malhotra -

    Hi! we organise women only trips. kindly call/whatsapp us on 8130269655/9990022835. or join us on facebook. divas sojourn is our company name.
    pooja malhotra


  14. i m also interested in weekend trip & other trips ..if u guys planning anything let me know.

  15. It was nice reading your blog. Marvelous work!. A blog is brilliantly written and provides all necessary information I really like this site.

  16. Bharti Sanduja -

    Hi ladies,can we do short and moderate treks along with other destinations worth visiting around the treks, would need a 7-8 days, e.g. In Uttaranchal,twang,may b Srinagar to Leah by road trip.

  17. Good idea but we need someone who can take d initiative, otherwise we just keep talking 🙂

  18. Great Info. It’s a very informative topic. Thanks!

  19. Hi, My name is

    • Hi My name is Pooja, I live in Mumbai. I am fond of traveling, I am looking for groups with whom I can travel safe and solo.I look forward to new travel, new destinations with members here.

  20. I am also interested in weekend Trips, if you guys any plan please let me know. Sometimes I want to go but no company no friends

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