Don’t Know Where To Go This Summer? Maybe These 8 Wonderful Homestays In India By Women Will Tempt You

Posted: March 17, 2017

Homestays are the new trend among families and solo travellers. Check out these amazing homestays in India, owned by women. 

Moving away from the luxurious pampering at star hotels can give a different perspective of the travel destination. Affordable homestays in India can provide you the warmth and feel of the place you are visiting. For women travellers it would be a boon to get accommodation at few homestays in India run by women as listed below.

Granny’s Inn at Varanasi

Two granny sisters, Asha and Aruna loved the idea of meeting and entertaining guests at their home, and decided to run a homestay at their old home in Varanasi. Along with lots of granny love (Dadi Nani Ka Pyar) and warmth, they also provide finger-licking good pickles, know-how about the city and tips on Banarasi sarees to the visitors.


The 7 rooms are named after women in their family, who played a great role in forming this homestay in India, and one which is considered very safe for women travellers.

Their hospitality and story-telling has garnered so much popularity, making the inn one of the great homestays in India as seen in the high ratings on travel websites.


The Retreat at Bhimtal

The ancestral British-era bungalow is located in Jones estate, nestled among the Kumaon Hills.



This homestay has 3 bedrooms, with old colonial furniture, cutlery and knick-knacks reeks of old style décor and laid-back atmosphere that perfectly suits as a retreat to nurture your creative talent and love for the nature.


Padmini Smetacek seems to be a favourite hostess for all the travellers flocking towards this colonial house to enjoy its quiet surroundings. An expert at cooking, baking and making home-made jams, Paddy also provides workshops on the same for the interested clients.


EnteVeedu at Wayanad

Mrs. Seetha Rajagopal has ushered in visitors with love and warmth to her home set in a 150-year old estate amid the tall coffee plantations and farm fields of Kerala.



One can experience the delicious Malabar cuisine while being immersed in the greenery of God’s Own Country. They also organize day trips with packed homemade food and a guide to help you around. One of the great homestays in India, it has made its way into recommended places by Lonely Planet magazine.


Captian K’s Getaway at Madikeri

Apart from producing musicals in Bangalore, and getting involved in charity activities, Leila Alvares also runs a homestay located in Madikeri. She started this homestay in memory of her late Father Captain Kieren Alvares, who owned the land years ago.


The luxury of a swimming pool, uncommon in homestays in India, and active involvement of Leila in preparing and taking care of the food arrangements makes this homestay special, say the satisfied customers. Tucked amidst the coffee estate plantation and organic farms, this is one of those wonderful homestays in India for pets lovers, as 8 four-legged animals welcome your pets along with your family.


Shergarh Tented Camp, Kanha

Katie Bhujwala and her husband Jehan Bhujwala spearheaded the project of setting tented camps on the outskirts of Kanha Tiger Reserve way back in 2004. To enjoy the beauty of the forest life, cycling tours are provided, apart from the wildlife safari wherein you can watch the enchanting lives of the animals and birds, and if lucky, spot the Tigers.



They help in experiencing the nearby village life of tribals, observe the harvesting process in rice fields and brewing of country liquor from Mahua flowers.


Gitanjali Homestay at Mysore

Yamuna Achaiah spearheads the Gitanjali homestay, in a true Kodava style. They take pride in themselves in showcasing Kodava life to the families who visit them, enriching their knowledge with Kodava cuisine and lifestyle. There are cooking classes made on request by Mrs. Achaiah who also makes the Coorg special Banana Jam.



Though there are only 4 spacious rooms available for the guests, personalised yoga classes and ayurvedic treatments are organized if needed, and you also get to witness local dance perfomances by Dollu Kunitha dancers at dinner.


Rawal Rawatsar at Jaipur

The residential property of Rani Lakshmi Kumari Chundawat with its sprawling garden and large terraces is converted to a homestay property in Jaipur. Her granddaughter, Sanyogita Rawatsar owns the heritage homestay located in central Jaipur, close to the railway and bus stations.



The property has 7 rooms decorated with heritage furniture and wooden flooring, giving an antique décor to the homestay. The management staff are cooperative and highly praised for adapting to your requirements.


Ezhara Beach House at Kannur

What better way to experience the tranquillity of Kerala beaches, than living in a beach house? Hyacinth Panioty has opened up the doors of her Kerala styled beach house to provide a sample of beach life interspersed by fishing activities of the nearby villages.



The 7 bedrooms of the heritage house are nothing fancy, but the first floor balcony provides a magnificent view of the ocean and beach armed with swaying coconut trees that will leave you creatively inspired.

The home cooked Kerala cuisine infused with coconut and Kerala spices makes for an absolute relish.


With such great homestays in India run by these inspirational women, there are no more excuses to delay that long-awaited trip you were planning. Where are you travelling this summer?

Image source: pixabay

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  1. Homestays are one of the fun ways to enjoy our vacation. Ezhara Beach House would be a great option. Thanks for sharing.

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