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The Tiktok Ban Points To A Larger Issue: How Do We Ensure Teen Safety Online?

TikTok has been banned on both Android and iOS platforms, and new users cannot download the app. It raises the question of how safe or appropriate is the app ecosystem for teens and tweens.

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Periods Have No Smell – What Menstrual Cups Made Me Realise

Periods have no smell! This is what I discovered when I started using menstrual cups, and here's the story of how I got to it. 

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While We Learn To Live Better, Are We Also Learning How To Die?

When we live we are actually also learning to die, peacefully, without regrets or remorse. We all face death at some point in life, ours or our loved ones. If you are going through a loss, these pieces of advice may help you face death with mindfulness.

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New Petition: “Allow Muslim Women To Pray In All Mosques, Cutting Across Denominations”

In a bold move, Yasmeej Zuber Ahmad Peerzade and Zuber Ahmed Peerzade have filed a plea in the Supreme Court to stop the ban on women entering certain mosques.

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The Bewildering Truth About ‘Marriage’ And ‘Love’ That No One Told Us About

Indian young adults date. Even fall in love. But many still get into an arranged marriage decided by their families. Clearly, 'love' and 'marriage' are strange bedfellows!

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Ex-CJ Dipak Misra, Your ‘Personal Views’ On Marital Rape Are Callous & Irresponsible Towards Survivors
Dipak Misra marital rape

Former Chief Justice of India Dipak Misra thinks "marital rape should not be made a crime in India for the sanctity of marriage". This normalises sexual violence in the name of 'tradition'!

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