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How Nandini Mishra Overcame Child Marriage To Get An Education And Became A Trainer In Agriculture

Janak Nandini Mishra was married off at the tender age of 12, but has now found a way out of her abusive marriage to become self-reliant.

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Period Poverty: What Is It, And How Do We Solve This Huge Problem In India?
period poverty

Period poverty is the life-long struggle many low-income women and girls face when they can't afford menstrual sanitary products.

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Let’s Address The Menace Of Trafficking Of Young Girls In This Age Of Social Media

24th January was National Girl Child Day, and many celebratory messages were shared. But how safe is a girl in today's world?

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Stop Stereotyping How We Express Grief And Shaming People For ‘Too Little Or Too Much Grief’!
grief stereotypes

Losing a loved one is heartbreaking. To be judged by the world for your emotions, or the lack of them, is just cruel.

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5 Heartbreaking Reasons Why Ours Is No Country For Women… And What We Can Do Differently!
India: a country of goddesses but not a country of women!

We say that "we worship women as goddesses!" But women are human beings, not goddesses, and let's give them the respect they deserve.

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We, My Mother’s Daughters, Also Lit Her Pyre Despite Being Told We Weren’t ‘Allowed’ To!

For six months my sister, brother and I along with our families had been taking care of our mother. Then how did others have a say in things?

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