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Open Letter To Society From A Mother Of Two Daughters: I’m No ‘Bechaari’

In a country where sons are revered and daughters looked down upon as burdens, here is a letter from a mother of two daughters rejoicing in her children!

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A Pregnant Anne Hathway Shares Her Infertility Struggles; Validates Pain Of Other Women
Anne Hathway pregnancy

Anne Hathaway has a sensitive, empathetic message for women everywhere who struggle with infertility, while sharing a glowing picture of a pregnant self.

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Periods Come From Leaky Faucets & Other Indian Folk Tales

When this author spoke to her daughter about periods, the disapproval from some was immediate. Sounds familiar?

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13 Things I’d Like To Say To My Son Who’s Starting University (Works For Daughters Too!)

A mom writes a heartfelt yet the perfect note to her son as she leaves him at university where he'll be making his life as an 'adult' for the first time. 

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Return To Work: How To Make Your Support System Work The Way It Truly Should

For most working mothers, a support system for childcare doesn’t just ‘happen’ – it needs to be created and navigated.

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Is It A Diaper, Mumma? Talk To Your Girls AND Boys About Periods

Should only parents of a girl talk to her about periods? Why can't parents of boys talk about it too? Will make for more informed, sensitive citizens of tomorrow.

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