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6 Indian Mom YouTubers You Must Follow For Parenting Tips And So Much More!

These 6 Indian Mom Youtubers are your answer to all parenting questions along with much else - do go check their channels.

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After A Difficult Pregnancy I Gave Birth To You, But My Child, You Made Me ‘Amma’!

A young mother recounts her emotional journey from a difficult pregnancy to being the mother today, of a much-loved, happy toddler.

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From Mommy Duty To Me Time Now, I’m Enjoying The Journey As It Unfolds

A mom speaks about taking charge of her life and finding newer interests and reviving the old ones, as her kids grow up and she has more time for herself.

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I Was A Hot-Headed Teenager Then, Mom; Now I’ve Come Full Circle With My Own Teen!

A mom remembers her rash, hurtful comment to her mother, when her now teen daughter does the same; she understands the circle of life and relationships!

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As A Single Parent, I’m A Mommy Co-Learner With My Daughter, Not Just Her Mother!

As a single parent of a daughter, this mom is proud of her child's pride in her as a writer, and would rather be called a 'parent', eschewing the expected pedestal that comes with being a mother in India.

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While Bringing Up Their Working Mother, Only My Daughters Have A Right To Judge Me!
Parwati Singari

A tongue-in-cheek account of how she did not care for anyone judging her parenting methods, this mom has complete confidence in her abilities to live her dream while doing the best by her daughters!

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