Society’s Everlasting Obsession With Good Looks, Is There An End To It?

Can you ever leave your house without glancing at least once in the mirror? Why are so obsessed with how we look?

Can you ever leave your house without glancing at least once in the mirror? Why are so obsessed with how we look?

You have probably seen people around stealing a glance in a mirror wherever they happen to find one. In the bike’s rear-mirror, in a shop, in a car’s window (not necessarily their own), et al. The list is endless.

And it is not just women, as is believed, who indulge in this activity that some may describe as an outcome of self-obsession. Men, women, adults, teens, elders and my goodness, this habit hasn’t even spared innocent little kids!!

How will a world without mirrors look?

Just for a moment, I thought about a world without mirrors and Yes, it would be a world of ignorance but then it would also be a world of considerably less self-consciousness and less inferiority (and for that matter, superiority) complex.

While some may argue that mirrors give us a rather clear judgment of who we are and where we stand in the social sphere, the very concept that our looks determine or reflect who we truly are and stand for is highly questionable.

I am a rather staunch supporter of the theory that looks are highly deceptive and perhaps, way more deceptive than words or actions. An innocent-looking face might just be planning a way to wreak havoc in someone’s life while a certain dangerous-looking face might be that of an NGO activist. Yes, such is the irony of life.

Just like sweet words are no less than daggers when used for achieving one’s preplanned agenda, the same way taking people for their face value isn’t a really good idea. Talking from purely personal experience and observations, the best relationships in this world are those with whom we don’t care about how we look, about how we may come across as ’cause neither are we judgmental nor is the person in question.

So then why the facade?

People are so annoying while criticizing actors and actresses for their high-end cosmetic and beauty necessities and obsessions. But, given the luxuries they have, only a very few would refrain from indulging in the gifts that fame provides.

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As they say, beauty isn’t skin-deep, I believe nothing at all is skin deep.
So, let’s just stick to the idea that we look the way we look just because we have to look someway! Easy as that!

Picture credits – Still from movie Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Gum


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