Article 15 trailer
Article 15 Trailer Promises A Hard-Hitting Film On Caste & Gender Violence In India

The trailer of new movie 'Article 15' based on the real events of gender and caste based violence in Badaun promises to tell the story of Dalit women's experiences in India.

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Dr Payal’s Suicide Shows Us That The Caste System Is A Cancer Indian Doctors Need To Eradicate

Doctors understand early on that under our skin, all of us have the same blood, organs, and skeletons. Why, then, do Indian doctors continue a belief in the caste system?

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Bangalore Colleges Having Higher Cutoffs For Girls ‘Coz “Too Many Girls In Colleges!” Is Discrimination!
higher cutoffs for girls

Many Bangalore colleges have said they have a problem of "too many girls", so they're going to "fix it" by having higher cutoffs for girls, between 2-5% higher than boys. This is illegal!

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Was It Really A ‘Happy’ Mother’s Day For Moms & Soon-To-Be Moms Employed At Indian Workplaces?

It was Mother’s Day yesterday, when we all celebrated mothers, mostly in their roles as caregivers and nurturers. But do we give a thought to mothers and soon-to-be mothers in Indian workplaces?

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A Married Daughter Should Be Able To Take Care Of Her Parents Too, Not Just In-Laws!

Leaving her parents’ home after marriage and going to her in laws' home should be a woman’s decision. It shouldn't be forced upon her in the name of tradition.

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More Girls Than Boys Enrolling In Govt Schools Seemed A Good Sign, Until I Dug Deeper
girls' education

Education and jobs are still a secondary affair for most of girls in the country, especially in rural areas. And as the author found out, those who do enrol are pulled out for the smallest of reasons.

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