Son Rise
Filmmaker Vibha Bakshi Believes A New Son Rise Will Dawn For Gender Equality In India

"A film cannot solve all the problems, but can certainly open a dialogue," says Vibha Bakshi about her new film SON RISE, and hopes that involvement of men in gender issues is a step in the right direction.

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You Don’t Have To Become LIKE A Man, You Are Enough Just As You!

She was asked to remove her shirt and walk across the atrium as a part of the ragging exercise infront of the entire batch of seniors. Well if you wish to stand at par with the boys, you might match your actions as well.

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For The Old Woman, A New Life Was Not Important, The Birth Of A Grandson Was!

Despite all efforts, with even the law leading a hand, who will change the mindsets of a society that is fixated on having a male child, and not the happiness of new life?

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What Does It Mean To Be Me, Considered An ‘Elite Dalit’ Woman In India?
Dalit elite woman

This is my experience as Dalit woman in India, someone who gets judged for being an 'elite' Dalit woman. I argue here, that 'Elite Dalit' is an oxymoron, and why it is so.

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These Missing Girls Of South India Are A New, Disturbing Trend

Following upon the heels of northern states like Haryana and Punjab, now the sex ratio is skewed against the girls of the southern Indian states too. A worrying development.

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As An Indian Woman, You Can’t Travel Alone Overseas Without A Man’s Permission? Really?

An adult Indian woman recently put up a Facebook post about having told by an immigration officer that she could not travel unless she had permission from her parents or another male.

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