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Dear Delhi Pub Management, Your Colonial Hangover Is Obvious When You Bar Customers In A Saree

A woman being denied entry into an upmarket Delhi pub because she was in a saree is a symptom of our colonial hangover, up there along with our obsession with fair skin. 

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Will Classist Indian Society Accept The Love Story Between A Man And Domestic Worker In SIR?

In a highly class conscious society like India, will the love between a domestic help and the very eligible bachelor she works for gain legitimacy? Watch Sir - Is Love Enough.

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Jabeda Begum’s Plight In Assam Shows How NRC Can Go Horribly Wrong For Minority Women

Assam resident Jabeda Begum has allegedly been unable to prove her citizenship despite having 15 'legal' documents. Has the Assam NRC gone horribly wrong, especially for women minorities? 

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What Do You Want Your Daughters To Be – Confident Women Or Meek Paraya Dhan?

There's more to women than marriage and being an ideal DIL. Society might not support their choices, so we must, and also teach them to face such society on their own terms.

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Supreme Court Rules Against Centre: Women Can Now Hold Command Posts In Indian Army
women in command

Indian women officers in the army can now be given permanent commission and hold command posts, says a recent SC ruling, which overturns a sexist directive by the Centre.

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Bhuj College Makes 68 Girls Remove Panties To Check If They’re On Periods
Bhuj girls

A college run by the followers of the Swaminarayan Mandir in Bhuj recently forced 68 girl students in the hostel remove their panties to check if they were on periods, because of 'impurity' reasons.

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