challenges for the Indian girl child
12 Challenges For The Indian Girl Child That Still Keep Her Chained To A Lesser Life

We could say that things have progressed in the last century, but deeply entrenched challenges for the Indian girl child still hold her down.

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Will We Merely ‘Celebrate’ National Girl Child Day On 24th Jan, Or Will We Take Action?
Let\'s Gift Our Girls a Gender-Equal Society  #FridayFuel (National Girl Child Day)

The Indian girl child stares at an uncertain and uphill journey right from birth, and faces discrimination, dismissal, and rejection at every step. What can we do better?

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4 Things Corporates Can Do To Address Unfair Gender Disparity That Pulls Women Down

Achieving gender equality is not just about justice; it is a strategic advantage that benefits everyone in the corporate world and society as a whole.

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Should Women Celebrating Karva Chauth Be Shamed For Doing So? Which Side Are You On?

Shaming women who observe Karva Chauth does not serve any purpose because all it does is make people defensive and defensive people tend to dig further into their own beliefs.

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Why Can’t Sex Workers In Kolkata’s Sonagachi Have The Same Right To Celebrate Ma Durga?
The Celebration of Otherness during Festive Times

On one hand, we worship the essence of womanhood these nine days. And on the other, we consciously and deliberately turn a blind eye to the hopes and aspirations of a large chunk of women, as if they do not exist.

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She Stood Strong In The Face Of Gender, Caste And Sexuality Based Discrimination!
Beneath the Shadows of Adversity (urgent)

She held onto the hope that, in the future, she would find a way to live openly and freely as her authentic self, no longer confined by societal expectations or oppressive family dynamics.

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