Brahma Janen Gopon Kommoti
Bangla Film Brahma Janen Gopon Kommoti Is A Clarion Call Against The ‘Impurity’ Of Women On Periods

Eventually the bahu manages to convince her marital clan that such restrictions imposed by a ruthless patriarchal society on women are illogical, baseless, unscientific, and grossly inhumane.

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My Personal Story Of How The Goddess Is Offered Bhog But Women Eat Leftovers

She would serve everyone fresh food and serve herself the stale rice and curries from the previous meal. Some days after finishing the leftovers she was so full she would not even be able to even taste the fresh food.

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Why Do We Care About Proper Nutrition For Women Only When They’re Pregnant Or Breastfeeding?
nutrition for women

Focusing on nutrition for women only in pregnancy and breastfeeding makes her just a womb. As diet plans for weight loss? Just a body.

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Colourism: Can Celebrities Cure Our Ugly Obsession With Fair Skin?

"It started when I was about seven years old. It was my birthday, and someone at the party said, ‘If she were fair, she would’ve looked beautiful.’"

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Where is The Support System for Married Working Women?
Where is the Support System for Married Working Women?

I was surprised to hear that my mother-in-law thought, my job was a hobby to avoid household responsibilities!

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Of Course, The Quintessential Bollywood Heroine Gyrating In A Sheer Sari Cannot Feel Cold!

Avantika was appalled at his callousness. “Do we need this scene? Is it fair that the heroine is scantily dressed, while the hero is suitably attired to brave the cold?”

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