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10 Powerful Quotes From Reshma Saujani’s Book ‘Brave, Not Perfect’ That Every Feminist Should Read

Reshma Saujani’s ‘Brave, Not Perfect’ is about moving towards becoming a braver version of oneself and letting go of tendencies that cause one to always try to be perfect at everything that one attempts to do. It attempts to shed light upon the mindset of obsession with perfection that gets passed on from one generation to the next. This obsession with perfection (as opposed to giving chances to be brave) can particularly be observed in the upbringing of very many girls across the globe. The mindset needs to be unlearnt as it is a major hindrance in the achievement of one’s full potential. Here are some inspiring quotes from this book that I have compiled.

  1. I believe this “perfect or bust” mentality is a big part of why women are underrepresented in C-suites, in boardrooms, in Congress, and pretty much everywhere you look.
  2. There’s a running theme in movies and on television about the nerdy guy who gets rejected and goes on to become Mark Zuckerberg, but there’s no similar narrative for girls.
  3. But take it from someone who actually now does know a thing or two about coding: all code can be revised and rewritten – including the one that dictates whether you choose the path of perfection, or bravery.
  4. Having perfect hair or the perfect body might land us a date, but it takes bravery to fall in love, and to do it all over again after our hearts have been broken.
  5. Yet this is an illusion that assumes we have power over how other people view and respond to us.
  6. The difference between excellence and perfection is like the difference between love and obsession. One is liberating, the other unhealthy.
  7. As great as it would be to read a book and magically be free from the shackles of perfectionism, it doesn’t work that way.
  8. If you think about it, it’s actually kind of funny that we even strive to be perfect in the first place, given how unfulfilling it is if and when you get there.
  9. What if, instead of feeling intimidated by an assertive woman and bitching about her behind her back, we talked about how we admire her instead?
  10. Generosity and bravery are intertwined – especially when it comes to women supporting other women.

Happy reading!


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