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Although Not A Blockbuster, How ‘Gulaab Gang’ Nailed Some Aspects Of Feminism…

Female representation onscreen about a real-life female empowerment, makes "Gulaab Gang" a must-watch for all. 

Female representation onscreen about a real-life female empowerment, makes “Gulaab Gang” a must-watch for all. 

It is seldom that one gets to watch a Bollywood movie where the protagonist and antagonist are both females. I am talking about Madhuri Dixit and Juhi Chawla’s film of 2014, ‘Gulaab Gang.’

It was really exciting for me to watch the trailer of this movie with two strong female characters in the lead and not one A-list male actor in sight. By the time I reached the end of the trailer, I was all, “Wohoo!!, Way to go, you guys!!!”

Here’s five of the several many dialogues (and comebacks) from the movie that I absolutely loved.

Dialogues and comebacks

1) Juhi Chawla’s politician character explains to one of her party workers saying, “Politics mein har kaam prem aur shanti se kiya jata hai? Prem samajhte hai aap?” to which the kiss-ass worker replies, “Ji ha, samajhta hu”. What Juhi says next “Ghantaaa samajhte hai!!” makes me hoot and cheer because let’s face it, how often have you seen the female leads in a Bollywood movie swear on-screen?

2) When Rajjo (Madhuri’s character in the movie) is told, “Upar wali jab deti hai na Rajjo toh chappad faad ke deti hai”, she is quick to get back with “Aur neeche wali jab leti hai na toh patlun phaad ke leti hai!!!”

3) Politician Juhi Chawla, the antagonist in the movie, uses the slogan “Kise denge apna vote, jiske haat mein hai remote.” Funnily enough, when I first heard the slogan, it sounded to me like “Kise denge apna vote, jiske haat mein hai NOTE.” 😉

4) This is, by far, my most favorite dialogue from the movie. When Madhuri and Juhi come face-to-face, Madhuri goes, “Sanghatan ki shakti hai aur akele mein aapki phatti hai!!!”

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5) When Madhuri and Juhi meet once again, this time Juhi hits back with “Chhapppad fad ke de sakti hu aur chappal faad ke bhi!!!”

One, and probably the only, thing that I did find a bit bothersome about the movie, though, is its name. ‘Gulaab’ translates to ‘Rose’ and a very close ‘Gulaabi’ translates to ‘Pink’ (it reminds me of the whole ‘pink is for girls and blue is for boys’ sexist thing!). I believe that the way forward is to stop using the term ‘women-centric film’ or ‘female-centric film’ and just use the plain term ‘film’ (I prefer the word ‘movie’ though, but that’s another thing!).

Image source: Times of India


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