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The Damsel in Distress – A Poem About Love And It’s True Essence

Posted: July 13, 2020

She lived in a palace, not alone yet lonely,  he lived on the pavements, all alone but not lonely….

She was a damsel in distress,
But he was no prince charming,
She lived in a palace,
Not alone yet lonely,
He lived on the pavements,
All alone but not lonely,

It could not have been more perfect.
Each day she walked out of her palace,
Offered him some food,
Saw him smile with his uneven teeth,
Thinking about how much beauty there still was in life,
Maybe both were hungry,

One for food, the other for love.
He never looked at her, just quietly took the food, with an undistinguished look on his face 
She wondered about her uncanny encounter for hours put together,
And it strangely filled some barren place of her heart.
It couldn’t have been love, could it?

But seeing him happy, was just too joyous.
Days passed, food was offered, smiles were exchanged sans lips,
It was indeed splendid!
And then one day, the man finally showed his face to her.
It was not unusual.

But later she was told that he was indeed blind.
And so is love, she naively thought.


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