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surrogacy regulation bill
The Sanskaari Surrogacy (Regulations) Bill Privileges Some Parents Over Others

The Lok Sabha recently passed the Surrogacy (Regulation) Bill 2019 that allows only 'ethical altruistic surrogacy' and only to some kinds of parents. We examine its merits and demerits here. 

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11 Excellent Reasons Why It’s Good For A New Mom To Breastfeed Her Baby

Wondering if you should breastfeed or not? Want a push to make that decision? Here is all the info you need as a new mom.

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The Curious Reason Talking Religion With Kids Can Help Make Them Secular
children and religion

In the current state of the world, children need to be taught secularism and tolerance. Here is why they need to be taught secularism through religion!

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5 Reasons Why We Shouldn’t Raise Our Kids The Way We Were Raised

The new generations of kids live in a very different world from what we grew up in, and it's time we took a hard look at our parenting.

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Top 4 Parenting Mistakes Indian Parents Must Watch Out For

Everyone loves their child. But there are some things Indian parents often do that are huge mistakes; we need to actively watch out against these.

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When My Own Journey As An Indian Woman Yields Fab Insights I Can Pass On To Gen Next…!

Invited as a Chief Guest at an Inter-College Fest, I surprised myself by spontaneously coming up with things I could talk about - and I have my own life journey to thank!

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