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Celebrating ‘FemInspiration’

Posted: March 1, 2011

100 years of celebrating women’s capabilities, women’s rights and women’s strength calls for something special! Here is the Feminsipiration Contest.

That’s right – on 8th March 2011, it will be the 100th year of celebrating International Women’s Day.

At Women’s Web, we have an exciting contest for you to participate in and celebrate women. The Women’s Web ‘FemInspiration’ Contest runs from 1st to 16th March, so read on and remember to send in your entry on time!

WHAT FemInspiration is about: Celebrate women’s strength by writing about an incident, a day, a life, an issue – where you think a woman’s courage shone through.

(Update on 20/03/2011 – the FemInspiration contest results are out! Click to read about the 10 amazing prize-winning entries!)

WHICH WOMAN? Any woman! Yourself, a family member, a friend, a colleague, just someone you saw on the road, a historical figure, a character from a book or a movie, a female business or political leader, women in general – just about any woman whose actions, thoughts or life you found inspiring.

HOW to send your entry?

1. Write a post on your own blog or website. Make sure you include the contest logo (code, below) in your entry and include a link to this article.

2. If you don’t have a blog, but you’re on Facebook – write a note on Facebook – and make sure you tag us (@womensweb) – so that we can track your entry. (Don’t know how to write a note? Here’s help).

BY WHEN? Contest open from 1st to 16th March (9 p.m. IST)

THE PRIZES – a total of 10 prizes to be won!

1. One first prize for the best entry – a reversible bag from designer Namrata Narula’s ‘New-Improved’ label, worth Rs. 1000, with one side a blue-denim and the other an unusual maroon-and-silk brocade. Namrata’s bags are unique in that they are made by re-using existing garments/ products. (All material is thoroughly washed and ironed before it becomes a new product).

About our partner: Namrata Narula is a young and upcoming textile designer, who has chosen to work with rejected/discarded fabrics to create new and fresh products. Her brand ‘New-Improved’ seeks to redefines ideas of what can be done with waste in the form of fabrics termed as outdated, old and tossed out, and to preserve the fabric because of the owner’s attachment to it, or its exclusivity or rarity. Each product is fully hand crafted and no two things look alike! Do visit and support her. She can be reached at newimproved.namrata@gmail.com

2. Three second prizesFlipkart vouchers worth Rs. 500 each

3. Six third prizes – each get a Women’s Web mug with a funny quote! (Pic here)


Women as well as men are welcome to participate, though at the moment, we can only send prizes to a valid address in India.

(Blog posts that don’t link to this contest page + use the contest logo, and Facebook Notes that don’t tag our Facebook page will not be considered eligible.)

We know women have it tough, but we also know that women are not victims. Women have made their own destinies and supported the journeys of others too! This is the month to celebrate that strength and courage, so get started – NOW!

Spread the word! Just copy this code to display this button in your post/site!

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  1. I have created a note and tagged you on facebook. Can u see it?

  2. Thanks Neelam, we can see it! Do tag others in your circle who may be interested in participating…

  3. FemInspiration- Brave-llectual KC!
    This is my entry and here is the url for the same. Happy woman’s day to yall.


  4. Hi, I had already written this post today when i saw a link of this on IHM’s blog.
    Tagging it to my post now – http://thewhiterain.blogspot.com/2011/03/of-daughters-and-sons.html

  5. Happy women day!
    Here is my contribution on My inspiration-My women.

  6. I have created a note and tagged you. Hope everyone at WW can see it.

  7. A very happy women’s day to everyone. 🙂

    Here’s my entry for the contest: “Having the last laugh”


  8. I have created a note for Feminspiration and tagged you, hope you can see it!

  9. Thanks all for your entries! Those who haven’t yet sent them in – hurry up – contest on till the 16th.

    For those of you tagging us on Facebook, yes we can see your notes, though privacy settings may mean that they are not open for everyone to read.

  10. Let me know if the link works and the entry is accepted,will be glad to make changes if required any:)

  11. Can there be more than one entries?

  12. Thanks all for your entries – lovely reading!
    @Raksha – yes, your entry is fine.
    @Anamika – sorry, one entry per person.

  13. My Post: http://rushmechatter.blogspot.com/2011/03/celebrating-women-inspiration.html

    Lovely initiative – gives us a forum to thank/appreciate the women we admire…

  14. Here is link to my entry:

    BTW, loved reading all the entries posted for this contest.

  15. Linking my entry here:http://crystaldewdrops.wordpress.com/2010/12/09/woman-of-substance/

    Its a great initiative. All these are a source of inspiration for many….

  16. Actually forgot to ask you if everything in my entry was in order.

    My entry is “Celebrating Kashibai”


    Could you confirm ? Thank you !

  17. My entry.


    Thank you for giving me an opportunity to think about a woman who truly inspires me.

  18. My entry :
    Title: She’s my childhood frnd to whom I admire most


    I’m glad to share my feelings from whom I insipired most.. Thanking you WomaensWeb 🙂

  19. http://heartcrossings.blogspot.com/2011/03/inspirational-woman.html

    I am happy to share the story of one of my most inspiration friends.

  20. Can i link my entry via facebook ???
    Admin help me in this…

  21. Thanks all the entries – it’s been great to read them. and yes, for those who asked, your entries are fine. 2 days to go before we stop accepting entries (16th).

    @vysh – if you want to send in your entry via FB, all you need to do is write a FB note and tag us. Please do read this article for the details.

  22. This contest is just one medium to share the true story of yet another strong woman I know personally. Linked to, crystaldewdrops.wordpress.com/…/…

    Thank you for this wonderful opportunity!

  23. Lovely,lovely entries – thanks for sharing! Contest drawing to a close now – 1 hour to go 🙂

  24. Hi,

    This is my entry at facebook which I posted a few minutes before 9 pm. yesterday.

    I’ve tagged Women’s Web as well.

    It would be great if you could confirm the entry.

  25. Thanks all for your entries – for those who’ve tagged us on FB – yes we can see you.

    Results will be out later today! We will be emailing the winners as well as putting out a note here!

  26. My submission put up too. Laaaaaaaast minute!

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