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Why Does TikToker Faizal Siddiqui’s New Video Glorify Acid Attacks As The ‘Punishment Women Deserve’?

Promoting acid attacks and violence against women on TikTok goes on to show our vile thoughts even today. Will this kind of content creation even end?

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3 Refreshing Bengali Movies From The Last 3 Years Now Available Online!

These three Bengali movies on Netflix and Prime Video are refreshingly unusual, in what they cover, as well as how they do it.

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13 Indian YouTube Singers You’d Love To Discover If You Haven’t Already
Indian YouTube singers

Indian YouTube singers who create original music or even covers of popular songs on the internet are followed by many today. Here are 11 of them.

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The Taylor Swift Documentary Miss Americana Taught Me Girls Can Fight Back

Taylor Swift has fought many battles - from being objectified as just a pretty face to being attacked on stage. Her journey inspires many young women.

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From Mother India to Today’s Moms, What Has Been The Journey Of Single Mothers In Hindi Films?
single mothers in Hindi films

From being relegated to the background, to being the stars of their own stories, single mothers in Hindi films, (including unwed moms) have traversed a long journey. 

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‘Mother With A Sign’ On Instagram Is Basically Every Indian Mom Ever; With The Sass, Humour And Advice!

If you thought maa ka gyaan wasn't cool, Poonam Sapra has made it cool with her Instagram account Mother With A Sign. This is why I love her!

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