I’m A Middle Aged Woman… My Body’s Aging But My Spirit’s Still Aflame!

I have fought cancer, obesity, disability... and with growing older, it has all taken a toll, but my mind still dreams and wants to do so many things!

In the corridors of time, I tread with care,
A soul aflame with youth, yet limbs declare,
The echoes of a struggle, silent and profound,
As aging whispers softly, a haunting sound.

My mind, a kaleidoscope, vibrant and free,
Unfurling dreams, a symphony within me,
Yet, my body falters, aching and slow,
A dance with time, where shadows grow.

In the realm of thoughts, I soar on high,
Chasing the stars that dot the endless sky,
Ideas bloom like flowers, vivid and bright,
Yet, my body stumbles in the fading light.

Oh, the paradox of youth within my mind,
A fountain of vigour, a flame undefined,
But as the clock ticks, relentless and unkind,
My body weaves tales of the passage of time.

Cancer, disability, obesity have taken their toll,
My body tells stories of battles fought within soul
The spirit yearns for adventures untold,
Yet, the flesh whispers stories of growing old.

I grasp at the memories of agile days,
When every step was a dance, a rhythmic maze,
Now, the whispers of weariness paint the air,
A silent plea for strength, for grace to bear.

The marathon of life, a marathon indeed,
A race between dreams and the body’s need,
In the quiet moments, I find solace to cope,
A harmonious rhythm, a dance of hope.

I’ll embrace the twilight, the dusk of the day,
And let the stars guide me on my way,
For though the body ages, the spirit’s flame,
Shall flicker eternal, undying, untamed!

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