The White Ribbons Stained Red

On November’s 25th, a day so bold,
Dedicated to tales that must be told.
To end violence against women, we stand,
In a world where justice must take command.

The White Ribbon Campaign, a noble quest,
Born from sorrow, a tragic bequest.
Lepine’s darkness, a chilling decree,
Led to the birth of a ribbon so free.

In Canada’s land, where shadows cast,
Random women fell, a memory vast.
Now, on this day, the White Ribbon we wear,
A symbol of hope, a plea in the air.

I ponder, though, on this ribbon so white,
How many turn red in the silent night?
Stained by the blood of women, so brave,
Young and old, and the innocent they save.

Children, too, caught in the cruel tide,
Their stories unheard, their tears denied.
On this day of White Ribbon, let’s vow,
To break the silence, to change the now.

For every stained ribbon tells a tale,
Of resilience, strength, and a will to prevail.
Let’s stand together, a united force,
To end the violence, chart a new course.

Image source: Photo by on Unsplash


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Farida Rizwan

I am Farida Rizwan, 57, Counselor and Psychotherapist working as Senior Curriculum Developer with Chimple Learning. I am the founder of My Giggle Garden, Preschool, and Daycare. I am an ardent blogger read more...

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