It Is OK To Be Disliked

In a world where bravery may dismay,

A woman, strong, faces disdain’s array.

Confidence, a trait that draws ire,

Yet she wears it with a fearless fire.


As she builds a career, ambitions soar,

Disapproval lingers, a bitter roar.

A voice to question, to challenge the norm,

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Met with frowns, a rising storm.


Self-love blooms in her tender heart,

Yet, others dislike this vital part.

Caring for herself, a sin it seems,

In judgement’s shadow, she often dreams.


Her needs a priority, a choice to resent,

Yet, she persists, undeterred, unbent.

To be successful, happy, she takes the stride,

Daring to be disliked, in her own guide.


For in the face of societal decree,

She crafts her path, bold and free.

A woman unbound by the world’s critique,

She finds her strength in being unique.



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Farida Rizwan

I am Farida Rizwan, 57, Counselor and Psychotherapist working as Senior Curriculum Developer with Chimple Learning. I am the founder of My Giggle Garden, Preschool, and Daycare. I am an ardent blogger read more...

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