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Women In Patriarchy: The Unheard Voices [Video]

Posted: November 29, 2015

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Women in patriarchy are unheard, unnoticed and suppressed. This video shows three women, and through them, the lives of many women. Do watch.

How many women are heard and seen in the public spaces? When did you hear last that you need to shut up because you are a woman? Don’t talk loud, don’t rebel and so many don’t s are attached to a woman. Most work that women do is unpaid. We don’t owe property. In India, only one percent of wealth goes to women. Ofcourse patriarchy has fed us with lies that women are paid back with love and care. Women are the bigger ones. They give without asking. But the moment a woman speaks up she is branded as unfeminine.

In many villages, one man has many wives because they need them to bring water and do household chores. This video poignantly shows us, how patriarchy has thrived through. These three women in the video do not only represent a particular village or community, look around they are everywhere- at your home, workplace or your mind. The unheard female voices are everywhere. It’s time to hear them.

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