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My Personal POV – How Would We Indians React If It Was His Mom And Not His Wife, That Will Had Defended?

What initially shocked me was the mocking, blaming, and shaming comments thrown toward the wife- Jada Pinkett Smith, but then I realized this is not new. 

Everyone is talking about who is right and who is wrong in the epic showdown between Chris Rock and Will Smith ignoring the fact that Jada deserves an apology.

At first, I thought it was staged but later realized through YouTube that it was a genuine outburst of anger on part of Will Smith when he shouted back again at Chris Rock.

Violence is never Ok. But…

I was confused about whether Will had responded the right way. Violence is not an answer to anything, but then making fun of alopecia when the lady is among the audience, is crossing the limits as well. My opinion was divided on the matter, hence I decided to check what others had to say through the comments section.

What initially shocked me was the mocking, blaming, and shaming comments thrown toward the wife- Jada Pinkett Smith, but then I realized this is not new.

The wife is always wrong, even if she is the mute spectator to the whole drama. First, she was wronged for a condition by the comedian in the name of a joke, and then by the audience watching the video of her husband standing up for her.

There was certainly no reason for Chris Rock to ‘joke’ about her, and Will Smith was called out for what he did, but that is our society. The wife is always wrong, even when she is the victim of a joke made about a medical condition she suffers from.

I have personally experienced this kind of ‘joke’ about my body

I have experienced people making fun of my mastectomy when I went through breast cancer, and it wasn’t a ‘joke’ for me. I remember how I had squirmed within putting on a brave front outside. I can say it wouldn’t be comfortable for Jada when a guy makes fun of her condition in front of a huge audience.

But the focus here is shifted to, how well the comedian handled the situation, and not on his apology to a lady he offended.

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From calling her names, dragging in her past with August Alsina, and questioning whether she “deserved to be defended by her husband” or not, people just went beyond Chis Rock in mocking the lady in question. Not just the comments, but also some articles and magazines have gone on to discuss this. Though the couple has no problem in the relationship, society has a problem with it.

Just a few questions to ponder over – How would we react if it was not his wife but his mother that Will Smith defended? Would we still react in the same way? Why is it wrong to defend one’s wife? Why is the wife always wrong, even when she just sat there being mocked for her alopecia and did not even react other than being sad?

Answer that questions and we will realize how opinionated we are towards the women who give a lot for their marriage.

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