Let Me Be Myself!

A beautiful poem about change and evolving!

Let Me Be Myself!

I am not wax

That can be moulded with little heat

I am not even the metal

That changes to few beats

I am the stone.. ‘YOU’ cannot change me

I change with time, slowly, naturally

If you try to speed up my change

You will end up breaking me

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Even great sculptors that change

The simple stone into great art

Have chipped bits off it

To make it what they think is perfect

Similarly, a change in me means

You chip off bits of me

Taking away something that is a part of me

To make me what you want me to be

I may become a piece of art

But then I have lost something that was ‘ME’

Image source: Still from Four More Shots Please


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Farida Rizwan

I am Farida Rizwan, 57, Counselor and Psychotherapist working as Senior Curriculum Developer with Chimple Learning. I am the founder of My Giggle Garden, Preschool, and Daycare. I am an ardent blogger @www.chaptersfrommylife.com read more...

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