Solo Embrace

Once incomplete, in shadows, I stood,

Yearning for you to complete me, I would.

A desire for your presence, a need so strong,

To be complemented by you all along.


Craving warmth, love’s tender hold,

Your absence etched lines of sorrows untold.

A void echoed where you should be,

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But through it, I found the missing me.


Now, in solitude, I stand strong and clear,

No longer needing nor wanting you, my dear.

I’ve found completeness within my grace,

Embracing wholeness, in a solo embrace.


About the Author

Farida Rizwan

I am Farida Rizwan, 57, Counselor and Psychotherapist working as Senior Curriculum Developer with Chimple Learning. I am the founder of My Giggle Garden, Preschool, and Daycare. I am an ardent blogger read more...

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