On International Women’s Day. it’s time to ask if we’ve really taken enough steps ahead. Read some thought-provoking pieces here!
6 Reasons Entitlement Like In The Great Indian Kitchen Is Real Even NOW, Not ‘Happened Earlier’

One comment by my city-bred woke peers was - "The kind of family shown in the movie doesn’t exist in today’s time!" Here's demolishing this belief.

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The ‘Right’ Age For A Woman To Embrace Motherhood Is When SHE Chooses To Do So!

Being a mom has nothing to do with a woman's age. Let women choose when they want to be moms instead of forcing it on them!

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When An Oppressor (Or Even A Controlling Parent) Says, I’ve Given You Too Much Freedom

As those oppressed realise their freedom, Savarna men feel a 'loss of control' over those they were used to controlling, and the anger they feel for this 'loss' comes out in further oppressive behaviour.

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When Was I Told That Good Girls Don’t Whistle
Malvika Vazalwar good girls don't whistle

Whistling artist Malvika Vazalwar was told, 'Good girls don't whistle', by those who were shocked that a girl would do so. Here's a spoken word poem that was inspired from this.

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Our Business Is Our Business None Of Your Business; Stop Telling Women What To Do
men telling women what to do

Men telling women what to do, how to dress and smile and look and talk and walk - that is the only thing most people seem to be keen on. Keep your nose out of our lives!

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It’s 2021 & I Still Need To Bust These 3 Myths About Feminism!

Feminist - a word a lot of people still dread to be called. Why do we still believe in these three myths about feminism even today?

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