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Saumya Pandey
IAS Saumya Pandey Getting Newborn To Work Shows A Work Culture Against Women’s Realities

IAS officer Saumya Pandey getting her newborn to work is about the need to change workplaces to accommodate the biological needs of women, and make men more accountable.

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When The Shoe Doesn’t Fit, Why Am I The ‘Misfit’ Bearing All The Pain?

When the unfit shoe caused me pain, I complained to everyone I knew. So now I had to take charge of my pain all by myself!

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In A Social Media Chat On This Navratri Ad, A Man Tried Mansplaining Women’s Lived Experiences To Me!

When women speak about rape culture and how it affects them, maybe men should just listen for a change instead of asking for more emotional labour?

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A Tribute To Draupadi, A Woman Who Altered A Flawed History

But does history repeat itself? No. Not today. Today, she wages the war herself. She alters an erred history all by herself.

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If The ‘Greatness’ Of Anasuya Is In Regressive Ideas Of ‘Chastity’, Should We Celebrate Her?
Sati Anusuya

Anasuya’s story makes me wonder – should successful women who toe the patriarchal line be celebrated as 'feminist' even if they are empowered?

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Why Should Riteish Deshmukh’s Ego Be Hurt At Being Called ‘Genelia’s Husband’?

Riteish Deshmukh's ego getting hurt at being called 'Genelia's husband' makes you question why being called her husband is such a big deal!

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