Can I Wear The Pants In The House?!

Chafing against the dress codes that insist girls and women dress a certain "appropriate" way, Richa Mukherjee writes what can only be a tongue-in-cheek rant! 

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Dr Sabyn Javeri: The Price Of Being A Strong Woman In Our Society
Dr Sabyn Javeri

"To be a strong woman, you must know how to juggle multiple balls in the air," says Dr Sabyn Javeri in this hard-hitting satire on expectations from women who won't bow to an all-pervading patriarchy around them.

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The Latest Sexist Attack Against Smriti Irani Shows Politicians Don’t Want To Focus On Real Issues

Whether it's Priyanka Gandhi's clothes or Smriti Irani's marriage, it looks like personal remarks against female politicians are the only way their opponents know to counter them. 

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Indian Women Must Stop Giving Away Their Power By Seeking Validation From Others

As women conditioned to second guess ourselves, we are often guilty of seeking approval and validation from others for our actions and choices, undermining our own power.

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Woman, Fight Back; Make Him Learn What Happens When He Ignores The Word NO!

Crimes against women have been increasing, but also increasingly, women are standing up for themselves and speaking up against this.

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CBSE Wants This Single Mom To Prove Her Single Mom Status

Rules in many places still need a child to have a father's name on documents. Let's outlaw this patriarchal compulsion in this day and age!

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