Who Made These Patriarchal Rules Against Women’s Choices, And Why Should I Follow Them?

‌'Patriarchy' is not just a word; it's a feeling that haunts most modern women all around the world, even more, when they are living in a society that has each and every traditions and social customs based on patriarchal norms.

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How I Decided Upon My Feminist Raksha Bandhan

A personal account of disillusionment through the Rakhi tying at school - this will resonate with so many of you!

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Don’t Just Celebrate Moms This Breastfeeding Week – Demand The Right To Breastfeed Freely Anywhere!

Why does the sight of a breastfeeding mother annoy so many of us? Breastfeeding Week is a great time to talk about the stigma against breastfeeding in public.

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Why Do Boys (& Men) Dare To Say “Don’t Act Too Smart, You’re A Girl, Stay Within Your Limits”?

The way our boys are brought up is all wrong. Otherwise how do they get to a point where they behave entitled just because they're boys - who grow into toxic men?

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You’re Not ‘Down’, You’re On Your Period. Period.

While talking of periods, we have forever used the term, "I am down" however, it is time to change that and start using, "I am on my period," instead!

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Saudi Women Can Now Travel Without Male Consent; But What About The Activists Behind This?

Saudi Arabia now allows its women to travel without consent of their men, and cannot now be discriminated against at work for their age, disability, and gender.

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