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I Decided I’d Had Enough, And Became The ‘Rebel Bahu’!

I was allergic to vermillion. But I was forbidden to wash my hair for eight days after the wedding. Sari was mandatory. Else, what would be the difference between an unmarried girl and a newly-married girl?

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Is A Wife Responsible For Her Husband’s Death?

"You were married to him for ten years. It was your duty to help him overcome his addiction. You failed him as a wife!" This was Maya's sister in law.

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She Went Through 3 C-Sections, But Did She Have A Choice?

If the first child is a girl, the daughter in law is forced to go in for a second one saying it's definitely going to be a boy this time. What happens if it's a girl? She's asked to go in for a third one!

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7 Lessons Draupadi Teaches Us About Feminist Leadership

Draupadi was not merely an aggrieved woman, but an ambitious leader, a diplomat, a keen politician who understood what motivated her husbands, and she always kept that front and centre so that they would not lose focus.

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My New Daughter In Law Is My Family Member, Not A Caretaker Or Cook!

Recently a relative called me. She asked, “where is your daughter in law?” I said, “she is visiting her dad.” Immediately the question cropped up, “then who is cooking and taking care of you?”

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Why Didn’t You Speak Up For Us Women, Sita?!

As a child, I asked, why didn't Rama stand by his wife when there were aspersions cast on her by his people? Why didn't Sita's father, King Janak take his daughter back home? Why didn't Sita protest about this injustice?

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