Money Management for Indian women: Learn how to manage your funds, investment options, how to save money and get advice on financial planning.
Embarking On The Journey Of Motherhood? Don’t Forget To Plan Your Finances

Becoming a mother is one of the most joyous experiences in a woman’s life. A joy that should not be clouded by financial worries.

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Get These 8 Meaningful Financial Gifts For Your Mom On Mother’s Day, Help Secure Her Future
financial gifts

Mother's Day is almost over, but if your want to get your mom some long lasting, meaningful financial gifts that help to secure her future, you can still do it in this week.

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How Women Can Bust The Myth That Handling Finances Is A Man’s Job

There is a need for financial products aimed at women, that can be customised to their differing career trajectories, including the fact that most women might take at least one career break.

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Women Rarely Know Of The Family’s Medical Insurance Policies. And It Costs Them

How many women are aware of the family's medical insurance policies? Or know how to use them? Wake up before you receive a rude wake-up call. 

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This Women’s Day Understand Why Women NEED To Know Of Finance To Be Empowered

Women's empowerment is incomplete without having a good handle on how finances work. Start learning early, and build it up as you go.

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This Women’s Day Pledge To Raise Independent Daughters – 6 Tips To Teach Them About Money
teaching daughters about money

It is unfortunately too common for us Indians to keep our girls away from money matters and financial planning. After all, why would she need it? Wrong.

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