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Freelance writer, researcher, and book reviewer. Words at Women's Web, Purple Pencil Project, Bookish Santa, Cesurae. Translation enthusiast.

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Origami Aai
Origami Aai: Manjiri Indurkar Chronicles Women’s Everyday; The Mundane & More…

I recommend reading Manjiri Indurkar's Origami Aai alongside her memoir to have a fulfilling and enriching experience of telling one's story with grace.

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Thanks To Women’s Web & Timely Medical Help, I’m Able To Make The Most Of My Opportunities Today

I felt seen for my views and opinions. My input was valued and my interest in LGBTQIA+ and mental health were recognised. Everything was in my favour, yet I felt I could contribute a lot more.

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Coping with endometriosis
7 Ways Of Coping With Endometriosis

I was suspected of ovarian endometrioma. Six months later with endometriosis. Here are 7 ways of coping with endometriosis that I followed.

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FAQs About Endometriosis
4 Frequently Asked Questions About Endometriosis

No two experiences are the same. More importantly, the treatment varies from person to person, depending especially on their age, marital status, and pregnancy. So here are some frequently asked questions about endometriosis.

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Endometriosis Awareness Month: You Are Not Unfit For Desire!
Endometriosis Awareness Month: You Are Not Unfit For Desire!

March is known as Endometriosis Awareness Month, and it’s high time we talk about the disorder and how it affects a person in different ways.

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Na Umra Ki Seema Ho Fails To Deliver On Its Claims To Be Unconventional

Na Umra Ki Seema Ho, a love story where a young 21-year-old girl from a middle-class family, Viddhi, falls in love with the business tycoon, Dev Raichand. The only thing is that Dev is as old as her father’s age, and hence the justification of the title that love knows no boundaries.

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5 Television Moments That Empowered Me On A Personal Level

We need to bring change in our personal lives as we question and fight the system for equality. Here are 5 instances where I felt validated about things people don’t often talk about

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Shormistha Mukherjee
As A Cancer Survivor In My Teens, Shormistha Mukherjee’s Cancer Memoir Validated My Feelings

When I read that Shormistha Mukherjee was able to draw boundaries I could see the difference in our experiences. But for the first time, I was also validated. I wasn’t wrong to have those feelings of guilt, fear, shame, loss of self esteem.

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A Toxic Workplace That Gave Me Panic Attacks Wasn’t Worth The Salary I Earned!

When I spoke of these experiences, I was told that it happens everywhere. I wondered, how does that make it any better? Just because something is normal, doesn’t imply that it’s okay.

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As I Realise That The Women In My Family Are My Allies In A Patriarchal World; But Not The Men…

As a teenager I believed that my mother chose society over me. As a woman, I know better now, as I look at her as just another woman and an ally in my battles.

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Fragile Bride, Meek Wife, Fiery Rebel: How 3 Songs In Great Indian Kitchen Mirror This Change

Oru Kudum, Chemrantham, Neeye Bhuvin... the 3 songs beautifully showcase the woman protagonist's character arc in The Great Indian Kitchen. 

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Myntra logo controversy
The Myntra Logo Is Offensive…Only If Women’s Sexuality Offends You!

The Myntra logo controversy. In my humble opinion, this has been just another storm in a teacup, and a display of the pitfalls of human imagination.

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Was Trinity A Kickass Heroine Or Just Neo’s Sidekick?

Trinity from the Matrix has inspired several girls. Or was she merely a secondary to Neo? Why are women in action films always comical, the author explores.

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“A Woman Ahead Of Her Time” – What Does That Even Mean In Real Life Terms?

Women who have lived 'unconventional' lives, are often called 'crazy'. But the more of them that we have, the more they're going to be understood. 

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