5 Years, 50 Top Posts And Some Reflections On The Women’s Web Journey

As we celebrate 5 Years of Women's Web, take a look at what lies ahead - as well as some of our reader favourite posts in these 5 years.

As we celebrate 5 years of Women’s Web, take a look at what lies ahead – as well as some of our reader favourite posts in these 5 years.

As some of you may have read on our social media announcements already, we are celebrating 5 years of Women’s Web this week!

Technically, I launched the site in April 2010, inviting a few like-minded bloggers to join in. What possessed me? I had no idea what it takes to run a digital venture, nor did I anticipate how many people would join up to share their experiences, ideas and perspectives on the site (500+ contributors at the last count). I did not imagine that we would move beyond ‘online’ as well, to bring women together in the ‘real world’ as well.

All I had in mind was that there was space for a women’s community in India that went beyond the usual staples of women’s magazines and instead, looked at the entirety of women’s lives. With that single thought in my mind, I jumped in feet first and began figuring out things along the way. While the site came up in April, we celebrate our anniversary mid-June because that is when Women’s Web actually went out to readers beyond the very early enthusiasts (read, friends and family.)

5 years is a big milestone for any initiative, and personally, a big milestone for me – this is quite simply, the longest time I’ve ever stayed in one role over my career, you see!

Quite apart from us completing 5 years of inspiring and bringing women together, 2015 is also an important year for us. My team and I are working on some pretty interesting plans around offering more to the community than we do today, and growing along with it in the process. A big part of that will be around ways for us to connect in ‘real life’ as also help each other to learn, earn and succeed.

Women’s Web Top 50 in 5 years

To mark our 5 years’ completion, here is a look at the top 50 posts we have published over the last 5 years, based on readership. Revisit some old favourites, and take a look at other gems you may have missed!

  1. The Bride From Kerala Who Refused To Be Gold Plated, by Anju Jayaram
  2. Don’t Judge Women On Their Bangles, Bindis And Bicchiyas, by Saumya Goyal
  3. Slut? Who, Me?, by Nanditha Hariharan
  4. Why We Must Stop Asking “When Is The Good News? by Vrushali J
  5. The Untold Tale Of Soorpanakha, by Drishana Kalita
  6. A Guide To Your First Experience Of Sex, by Kiran Manral
  7. The Indian Woman’s Dilemma: Love Vs. Arranged Marriage, by Wanderlust
  8. Convenient Equality: Dowry By Any Other Name, by Aruna Rajan
  9. 5 Reasons Why Indian Girls Must Marry Young, by Anne John
  10. Guess What? Women Enjoy Sex, Too!, by Nanditha Hariharan
  11. A Letter To The Neighborhood Aunty From The ‘Girls of these days’, by Shridhar Sadasivan
  12. 8 Things Every Newly Married Indian Woman Should Do, by Aparna Vedapuri Singh
  13. Child Custody: Law For The Layperson (Team effort)
  14. The Wedding Night (Short Story), by Gita Negi
  15. Sex Before Marriage: The Great Taboo, by Abhilasha Purwar
  16. The Rise Of Women & Entrepreneurship In India (Survey) by Aparna Vedapuri Singh
  17. Are Women Loved For All The Wrong Reasons? by Aparna Praveen Kumar
  18. Karna’s Wife – The Outcast’s Queen (Book Review), by Arunima Shekhar
  19. Which Side Are You On: Nine Questions Every Woman Must Ask Herself, by Namita Kulkarni
  20. Only, Not Lonely: Raising A Child Without Siblings, by Shilpa Pai Mizar
  21. A True Story of Child Sexual Abuse, by Hip Grandma
  22. 5 Ways Life Changes After Divorce, by Kalpanaa Misra
  23. Delhi Says, Welcome Back To Street Harassment And Moral Policing!, by Japleen Pasricha
  24. Why I Don’t Look Foreign-returned, by Prashila Naik
  25. Adoption For Single Women In India, by Aditi Bose
  26. 6 Messages To Give To Your Strong, Beautiful Daughter, by Vidushi Sandhir
  27. The New Age Arranged Marriage by Renuka S
  28. Does Your Wardrobe Affect Your Career Growth? by Nisha Salim
  29. Why Can’t Women Relax As Guests?, by Anusha Muthiah
  30. Should I Be A Working Mother Or Not? by Abha
  31. The New Age Husband: Does He Exist, And How! by Barnita De
  32. The Curse Of Newly-Wed Indian Women, by The Girl Next Door
  33. Beyond The Pill: What’s New In Contraceptives? by Dr. Lakshmi Ananth
  34. Be The Girl Who Exercises, by Sneha Gore Mehendale
  35. Talking To Our Sons About Periods, by Maith Iyengar
  36. Top 5 Interview Mistakes Made By Women, by Aarti Krishnakumar
  37. 5 Tips To Improve Your Resume After A Career Break, by Aparna Vedapuri Singh
  38. The Behenji Phobia, by Prashila Naik
  39. Home Based Business: Dress Making Divas by Melanie Lobo
  40. 10 Tips To A Healthy Pregnancy, by Dr. Gita Arjun
  41. The Good Indian Women of Hindi Cinema, by Kiran Manral
  42. 30 Incredible Women Entrepreneurs Who Make Us Proud On Women’s Day, by Sara Kamal
  43. Child Adoption Procedure In India: Explained, by Nayantara Mallya
  44. Married To A Feminist Man: Why Is That So Surprising?, by Malavika
  45. Letter to ‘Mr.Right’ From ‘The Modern Indian Woman’, by Keertana
  46. Indian Women And The PCOS Story, by Dr. Lakshmi Ananth
  47. The M(e)an Jokes, by Shivangi
  48. A Question Of Names: What Do You Call Your Husband?, by Vrushali J
  49. Buying Humiliation At The Arranged Marriage Market, by Sonal Jamuar
  50. Why Can’t I Be A Housewife?, by Anne John

I’m excited about the next few years ahead, and hope for Women’s Web to be braver, bigger, and better in the time to come.

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