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Women’s Web Network 

The Women’s Web Network for women includes workshops, webinars and city-based chapter meets for working women- these are all supportive spaces to benefit from the experiences of other women at work, facing similar challenges and forging ahead!

The objective? For women at work to network, learn and grow together. 

We periodically run workshops for working women, women entrepreneurs as well as webinars created with and for the Women’s Web community.

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Event Formats 

Women’s Web facilitates 3 formats suited to working women’s diverse needs: Meet-ups (short, structured meets for small groups to act as peer mentors for each other), Workshops (half or full day live events focused on learning from experts) and Webinars (online learning events that you can participate in, from anywhere in the world).

Past Events

Breaking The Barriers To Business Growth

Held in Mumbai and Bangalore, this Growth focused event had eminent coaches and panellists including Bhavna Toor, Leadership Coach, Apurva Purohit, CEO, Radiocity 91.1 and Neha Behani Co-Founder, Moojic, speaking to and interacting with an engaged audience of women entrepreneurs. Sessions focused on internal as well as external barriers to growth and overcoming these barriers with clarity of vision, strategic planning and focused implementation.

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