How To Be The Perfect Woman

Posted: August 17, 2012

To be the Perfect Woman,

I need:

Straighter hair,

Curlier eyelashes.

Fairer skin,

Darker eyebrows.

A smaller waist,

Bigger breasts.

Sleeker arms,

A curvier butt.

Plumper lips,

Slimmer thighs.

A flatter belly,

More rounded shoulders.

Shorter nose,

And longer legs.

And now,

A tighter vagina,

And looser wallet

To pay for all the above!

Founder & Chief Editor of Women's Web, Aparna believes in the power of ideas

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  1. this was sooooo PERFECT! 🙂 Luved it!

  2. Thank you – the immensity of the endeavour leaves me flummoxed 🙂

  3. Well crafted, Aparna. On a related note, here’s a picture posted by A Mighty Girl on facebook.

  4. its too perfect..a fantasy for every women,,built by women only- not a truth is what i see

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