What Love Isn’t

Posted: February 14, 2011

I have to confess – I ve never really celebrated Valentine s Day; never exchanged gifts with a boyfriend, never gone out for an overpriced candle-light dinner. In recent years, the fact that the hubby s birthday falls tomorrow makes it even more irrelevant to us – we d rather wait for the birthday to celebrate!

I don t actually mind the concept; in fact, I think it is a rather sweet thing to remember and express your love and not necessarily only for a boyfriend/spouse. After all, although we say, why do you need one day for love etc, the fact is that most of us express our love far too rarely. Of course, I don t hold that you have to prove your love with expensive gifts or that a romantic dinner is a must .

Anyways, given all the hoopla over L-O-V-E, I thought it would be interesting to do a slightly different contest at Women s Web, so here it is – the What Love Isn t contest over at Facebook. What you have to do, is tell the world what love Isn t – and if your answers are any good, you could win one of these two fun Valentine s Day mugs from Chumbak! (max of 3 entries per person and ask your friends to vote for you )

Do participate! Have fun and a lovely Valentine s Day to you and yours

(And don’t forget to read this absolutely lovely Valentine’s Day special article on the site – 3 real-life true love stories from the 1940s onwards…)

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