The Secret World of Children

This week after Children’s Day, we have a contest on Women’s Web that revolves around the secret world of children. When I was a young girl, my sisters and I used to play a game called Igloo-Bigloo. It required no toys and very few props – just an old blanket, really, under which we could hide, and pretend that we were “eskimos” huddling inside an igloo. If you’d asked my parents, I doubt they would have been aware of igloo-bigloo and the many other secret worlds we inhabited.

Carefully hidden away from the eyes of adults, many children have their own dreamworlds – often, far more exciting than anything out there and visible. To me, one of the worst things about becoming an adult is that we lose this imagination and wonder that is part of every child’s make-up – the confidence that blankets can become igloos, if only we will them to be.

That’s why we have this contest on – to recapture the child in each one of us! It’s a very simple contest – we have up an image that you need to provide a caption or dialogue or phrase for. The two best entries get a Calvin & Hobbes book each! (I thought it would make a great gift because, one, who can resist a C&H book, and two, what better captures the imaginary world of children than that most-loved imaginary tiger, Hobbes?!)

So, go ahead – check it out and participate…give rein to the inner child in you!


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