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What’s Your Excuse, AP Singh?

Posted: September 13, 2013

I believe that every citizen in India is entitled to have a lawyer defend him or her in court if accused, as per our Constitution. So, I do not grudge that the depraved characters who gang-raped a young woman in Delhi that day last December had a lawyer to defend them in Court, even as I am satisfied that they got the punishment they deserved.

I do grudge strongly that defense lawyers continue to use character assassination of women who have been assaulted and raped as a tool to defend their clients. It has been reported that AP Singh, the lawyer for some of the accused said, “Let’s see if they can stop rapes in Delhi with this verdict.Why don’t people first control their daughters?,” and “I’d burn my daughter alive if she was having pre-marital sex,roaming around with her boyfriend at night.”

In this vicious argument, the woman who is attacked becomes responsible for the crime. In this bizarro-land, rapists are treated as helpless men acting under the influence of their libidos, ‘provoked’ by the sight of a woman wandering the streets at night. 

Mr. AP Singh, can we burn alive all those who display their crassness and insensitivity so proudly? By your logic, surely we would be justified because of the rage your stupidity provokes in our hearts, the fire that burns here when we see you maligning our sisters with impunity. Tell us, what would be a fitting punishment for your ignorance, when you believe that a young woman who owns her body and is out at night, deserves to be punished with death?

Because, ignorant you clearly are, when you believe that bad things happen to women who go out at night.  Here is a primer for you on where rapes happen.

Women and girls are raped inside their homes.

Women and girls are raped inside their homes, by people they think are their own.

Women and girls are raped in hospitals.

Women and girls  are raped in government homes.

Women and girls are raped by ‘friends’, in cars.

Women and girls are raped when they step out to go to the toilet.

Women and girls are raped in the daytime.

Women and girls are raped while they are still babies, and have no chance to roam around with a boyfriend.

Women and girls are raped at railway stations.

Women and girls are raped at police stations.

The saddest thing is that it took me not more than 10 minutes to find examples of every kind of incident where women and girls are raped. So, don’t you dare to tell me that a woman out at night is the problem in any way.

What’s your excuse, AP Singh? And what should your punishment be?

Founder & Chief Editor of Women's Web, Aparna believes in the power of ideas

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  1. It is sad that educated men like these have such opinions.This makes the situation extremely hopeless. If education is not the tool to eradicate darkness of soul then what is? I know even of IIT grad males who believe that a women is supposed to be submissive in order to qualify as traditional and family oriented.
    There is something inherently wrong with our society which makes even educated people behave so irrationally.

  2. It deeply hurts me when not only men but a number of educated women also share the same view as A P Singh. They very casually say- when girls wear small clothes, they roam around at night, they dont behave nicely(?) in public, rapes are bound to happen, without realizing that they or their daughters were also dressed up skimpily the other day. Then it was stylish.

  3. A P Singh a CHEAPOO

  4. Very sickening his comments were. So out of line that I am shocked that there are no rules to that apply to locking up such insanity.
    And I have heard alot of women say things like she should not have been there etc. which means according to everyone women should just stay at home. Where like this article says, they aren’t safe either.

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  6. Thumps Up to all write up. Hats off to every bit of it. Hope people realize the same.

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