The Dancing Nanis

Posted: August 27, 2012

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Nanis (Grandmas) in Indian advertising are usually playing with their grandchildren, worrying over the family’s health or fighting with the bahu over who should be cleaning the kitchen, but not these two naanis – they are too busy having fun in a dance-off, each showing off her dancing chops !

When I came across the Nani Vs. Naani video, I found it pretty interesting that the grandmas were shown having so much fun, including doing moves like the bum waggle that are typically the province of item numbers…

Who says the elderly can’t enjoy themselves? One of the nicer things to see these days is senior citizens doing things that are of interest to them, whether it is traveling, dancing, reading, getting involved in activism or anything else.

I remember this one wedding I attended, where one of the oldest ladies at the function wowed us all by joining in enthusiastically with the rest of the folks dancing; we could see that she was tired, but even as her body grumbled, her spirit was willing to keep up with the younger people dancing away.

The Jumpin Nani Vs. Nani video above is also associated with the Save The Children Fund that works with children – for each time that the video is shared, Jumpin will donate Rs.2 to the fund. To do this, go to the video on youtube or to the Jumpin Facebook page.

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  1. Hi Aparna,this is a great video.I love your endeavor women’s web .I am a doctorate in women entrepreneurship and wrote a book titled “Why Women are what they are”.I have recently finished a Parenting book titled”Moonparenting”
    Plz visit my blog-
    I would love to contribute to your online community.

  2. Dilnavaz Bamboat -

    Adorable! 🙂 I have a soft spot for grandmas. Mine used to dance to Michael Jackson with me. 🙂

  3. Thank you Dr Swati Lodha for sharing this with us. I just went through your blog…very informative. And thank you women’s web for sharing this initiative from Jumpin as well. I also came across their facebook contest where you can vote for your favourite nani. I voted for sizzling Shanti.

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