Best Of Women’s Web – Editor’s Pick For August 2012

Posted: August 31, 2012

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For the last couple of months, I have entirely skipped doing my pick of the best pieces on Women’s Web during the month, but – I’m back! This is something I love doing because as the volume of reads we offer goes up, I sometimes forget what we’ve published earlier on in the month, and this is my chance to revisit everything we’ve done!

So, here are some of my favourite pieces from all the writing we’ve published on Women’s Web in August 2012:

My absolute favourite was Sandhya Renukamba’s piece on children’s books that teach diversity. A fantastic list of 10 books that deal with fairness, tolerance and generosity, this piece made me wish I was a child again!

How does one deal with a kitchen disaster? The adventures of a baking-challenged mamma made for one hilarious account.

“My passion – and the reason I was born – is to make disability just another interesting aspect of a full and productive life.” This interview with Jo Chopra McGowan, Women’s Web reader and founder of the Latika Roy foundation for children with disability was humbling and enlightening.

A picture speaks a 1000 words. Proven here by this image of Sunita, exponent of the Mandana Art of Rajasthan.

Child sexual abuse does not just happen to girls; male child abuse is a rarely discussed issue in Indian society, and I thought this post was a good one for focusing specifically on it. Don’t all children deserve safety, irrespective of their gender?

Why should a woman’s marital status impact her job search or job prospects, asks Shweta GK. There is also an interesting discussion on there in the comments section.

We think we are modern, but what really is modernity? The wearing of certain kinds of clothing or being able to speak fluently in English? Activist writer Rita Banerji’s post on the status of widows in India tears apart the superficial veneer of modernity that Indian society prides itself on.

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  1. Jo Chopra Mc Gowans’s interview was wonderful in this feature.!

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