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My Best Of Women’s Web 2011

Posted: December 30, 2011

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With 2011 coming to an end, we’ve completed 18 months of running Women’s Web, and what a fantastic, scary, exciting journey it has been! We had our ups and downs, we had our moments of doubt and others of exhilaration. The full-time team on the magazine expanded to a grand total of two, and we were joined by many new contributors as well.

At the end of 2011, I thought it would be fun to list down my favourite posts and articles of the year – the ones that I found most interesting, touching or involving in some way. Note, these are “my” picks from all the wonderful authors we published this year, so yeah, it is highly subjective. I was planning to pick 10, but I found that I just couldn’t – so, ultimately, I pruned down a much longer list to 12.

MY BEST OF WOMEN’S WEB 2011 (in random order)

1. How Kerala Responds To Thasni Banu: Preethi Krishnan‘s incisive piece on moral policing of women in Kerala

2. Being Niharika’s Mother: The mother of a child with special needs shares her thoughts on growing as a parent

3. Is Gender Limiting Your Child?: How we consciously and unconsciously slot our children into pre-defined roles based on their gender

4. Questions About Consent To SexDeepra Dandekar‘s hard-hitting post on the very concept of consent, especially within marriage

5. Show Me The Curry!: An interview with two intrepid women, Hetal and Anuja, founders of a popular online cookery show

6. Unplanned Parenthood: My Story: Motherhood when it happens before you are ready for it; a deeply honest account

7. Surviving Cancer: A survivor’s story of life beyond cancer

8. Why Loiter?: Review of Why Loiter, a book that examines whether women really feel safe in public spaces, even in a so-called ‘safe city’ like Mumbai

9. Fatherhood: Burps, Farts And All: A new dad’s hilarious account of life in the early days of baby

10. Being Your Own Advocate: Cee Kay shares her learnings on standing up for yourself

11. Marriage: An Over-rated Institution?: R’s Mom‘s post on marriage and its value for women is totally worth reading, as are the impassioned comments

12. Of ‘Boring’ Women And Our Interests: Preethi Krishnan‘s thought-provoking post on whether women need to widen their interests and discourse

I hope you enjoy looking through these – and do share below your favourite pieces one the site!

Pic credit: (Used under a creative commons license)

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