Cee Kay is a mother of two girls, a networking professional, a cooking enthusiast and a resident of Norwalk, CT (USA), trying to peel herself off of her old doormat mode and transforming herself into a confident and outspoken woman. She is getting there now - or so she believes.

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Post partum depression
Post-Partum Depression: How To Show It The Door

Post-partum depression does not reflect on you as a mother; it is entirely natural and can be tackled if you find help and are kind on yourself.

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Letting children be brats
French Or Chinese – A Child WILL Be A Brat If You Allow It

Whether you follow Indian, American or Chinese parenting styles, letting children be brats is never a good idea!

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be a leader, not a manager
Be A Leader, Not A Manager

Learnings from three kinds of managers, on how to be a leader, and how not to be a poor manager

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Being The Only Woman On The Team

Have you ever worked in a team where you were the only woman, or one of the very few? Did you enjoy it or did it make you self-conscious?

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Do You Like Yourself?

Why do we women find it hard to acknowledge our strengths?

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Ways To Save A Little Extra

How to save money and live well on a tight budget - budget planning tips to help us women save money

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Being Your Own Advocate

Why women need to speak up for themselves rather than waiting for others to recognize their worth

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“The kids these days”?

I grew up hearing the phrase “aajkal ke bachchey…” (kids these days…). Our parents said it whenever we did something that they were not allowed to do when they were our age. They couldn’t talk back to their elders – they got whacked if they did. They didn’t talk so much. They listened to their parents. […]

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I Am Not That Mother!

Parenting is not about WOHM against SAHM or one style of parenting over another; it is finding a parenting style that works for you

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What Upsets You: Why Putting Things In Perspective Helps

5 years ago, a lot of things used to upset me. An “incorrectly” loaded dishwasher, a snide remark, a relative/friend forgetting to wish us on an important occasion, bad food, irritating company… Then I went through infertility treatment. Faced the possibility of never having another baby to hold. Got pregnant, felt the baby move and […]

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