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R’s Mom is a working mother in Mumbai trying to balance work, home and baby. Learning the ropes of new motherhood and wanting to spend more time with baby. Running to catch up with Mumbai’s fast life and wanting to slow down to catch up with life and stand and stare.

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In search of a girl child in India
In Search Of A Girl Child

In search of a girl child - with the boy girl ratio in India falling, girls are becoming increasingly hard to find.

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What do I teach my daughter
What Do I Teach My Daughter?

Do I teach her that feminism = male bashing or do I tell her that feminism means to understand that every human is equal irrespective of sex?

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What Is HER Choice?

Here are two incidents which I heard about which made me wonder if we are really moving towards equality between men and women..for every one positive story I hear, there seem to be two not-so-positive ones. #1 This lady had recently lost her father..not even a month had passed by. She was 8 months pregnant. […]

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Of A Bizarre Break Up

A man has a bizarre break-up with his fiancee because she has a bad back; what other strange relationship failure stories have you heard?

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What Are Their Thoughts?

What were the Guwahati molestors thinking? And what do the families of molestors think? A mother wonders about her daughter's safety.

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The Rise Of Helicopter Grandparents

We've heard of helicopter parenting, but what about helicopter grandparenting, when indulgent grandparents overrule parenting decisions?

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Why India Is Still Flickeringly Shining

A chance encounter with a rickshaw-wallah shows this blogger why there is still hope for Indian society

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Why I Still Have Hope Around

Would you propose to the man of your dreams? A sweet little love story.

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A Fashion Show For Kids – Really?

A fashion week for kids - developing confidence or unnecessarily focus on appearance at an early age?

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The Story Of A Father

The heartwarming story of a single father, who brings up 4 daughters singlehandedly

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Can You Choose your Child’s Friends?

As your child grows older, do you worry about their friends or have enough faith in your child that they will choose the right ones?

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Why This Son Obsession?

Son preference continues to exist, even in affluent, urban, educated India

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Is Mommyhood Over Rated?

Is Motherhood just one part of the journey called life, or every woman’s ultimate goal? Can women who are not mothers be equally happy? Before I get any brickbats or anything, let me tell you that I love R more than anything else in the world….this is just a thought in process. Sometime earlier this month, […]

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Daughter Dolling Up Dilemmas

I read this piece by Sue who in turn had linked up this page. Some days ago R came to me and said Amma, mereko nail paint chaheye (Amma, I want nail paint). At first I thought she was talking about the finger painting kit my cousin D had given her…and I told her, that it’s already […]

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How Honest is Your Marriage?

I tell everything to RD…I mean every stupid thing like my shoe got stuck on the station or that lady who pushed me or that I had a vada pav today on the way back home…everything not that he has ever asked me…just generally…I just tell him…I am not sure he tells me everything especially […]

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So, one of the guys at my office got married about a month ago. He comes to meet up with me and I say hello and congrats and blah blah blah and then ask him, has your wife joined back at work? He says yes. RM: Wow..that’s nice..hope her timings are not too hectic, na? He: […]

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Nuclear Family Vs. Joint Family

Nuclear family Vs Joint family - which one works best for Indian women today?

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Son Anyone?

I have a daughter and I have blogged earlier on what are the advantages of having a daughter and how I am being told to have a second child. Now, this second child has to definitely be a boy….I HAVE to ensure it okie! Othewise, do you know what will happen? – There is will […]

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Marriage: An over-rated institution?

I write this conversation as it happened, just translating it into English. This conversation took place in our office washroom (which has a lot of uses apart from being a washroom) between *a nearly 30 married with a child (SK) *about 40ish married with two kids (DK) *just married for less than an year with no […]

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What’s the Big Deal?

– If I ask my husband to open the cooker and peel the potatoes while I pick up my daughter from daycare and come home at 7.30 in the night? – If my husband washes the clothes in the machine and dries it out? – If my husband keeps some khichdi for me on the […]

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The Ladies’ Guide to Mumbai Locals

By a traveller who takes the first class ladies compartment (occasionally second class – enough to write about it) between Borivali to Andheri every day between 8 to 8.30 in the morning and between 5.45 to 6.45 in the evening… Valid only for Western Railways and not for Central railways (‘they’ function different from ‘us’ I […]

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The Delivery Story And Beyond: Why Get Informed About Childbirth

My due date had been set for May 31 2008 initially, by the doc I consulted in Mumbai. I had a dream pregnancy. Working till the last day, no morning sickness, great (may be over great) weight gain, no swelling on feet, no tiredness except towards the end – everything was picture perfect. So much […]

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Happy Teacher’s Day

Yesterday was Teacher’s day – a day very special to my mom because she has been a teacher for more than 30 years now (and I forgot to wish her!) Mom is here for a while and something she said had me thinking… She said that teachers who teach nursery and KG kids need to be really […]

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The Second Child

So now that R is two and all that, people around me are dropping subtle and not-so-subtle hints on how its time for the second child… One common argument is THIS (the second child) is THE solution to R’s stubbornness.  The other is even more interesting – ‘Have two kids within two years so that you don’t […]

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Choosing Your Career

Hip Grandma has written a wonderful blogpost where she talks about innovative methods needed in teaching today’s generation and how most people who join pure science seem to be a discouraged lot; on how it’s become kind of compulsory to pass students whether they grasp the subject or not, on how people who graduate usually do […]

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Everything in a Bank Rattles Me

This was one of the lines of a lesson in our English textbook in my class 7 or 8, which was written by Stephen Leacock (I think the title of the piece was ‘My Financial Career’). The short story talked about the author wanting to open an account in a bank, goofing up big time and ultimately deciding […]

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Two Young Mothers-to-be

Both of them are 18. They have both been married barely for a year, within 6 months of each other. They are twins and look quite alike though I can tell the difference now. They are the younger sisters of the lady who works at my house. Their elder sister must be as old as […]

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Parents And The Girl Child

Most parents are embarrassed to ask anything from their daughters. Why can't a girl support her parents?

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Do You Believe In Mother’s Day?

Yesterday was Mother’s day in India. When I was in London it was celebrated on the 14th March there, so mother’s day differs from country to country. What’s the idea behind mother’s day? My FIL looks at all these days (mother’s day, father’s day, friendship day, etc) a bit cynically saying that ‘its all the […]

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Go Girl Power!

It must have been written about a million times on the average Indian mother's obsession on having boys; let me tell you why it's better to have girls!

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