The Second Child

Posted: August 21, 2010

mother_and_daughter2.jpgSo now that R is two and all that, people around me are dropping subtle and not-so-subtle hints on how its time for the second child… One common argument is THIS (the second child) is THE solution to R’s stubbornness. 

The other is even more interesting – ‘Have two kids within two years so that you don’t have to go through the nappy, potty, cleaning, etc for a long time, both will get over almost together.’ 

The third one says ‘both will grow up so fast together that you won’t even realise it…’ 

The fourth says ‘you don’t have to do the same amount of work as for the first born; the first born will take care of the second.’ (Two years old and can’t take care of herself, but she will take care of a baby – that’s somehow hard for me to digest!) 

The fifth (from the elderly relatives) – ‘have both your kids while your parents are hale and hearty so that they can help you take care of them.’ 

The sixth – ‘your child needs company after you are dead and gone.’ (whatever happened to FRIENDS?) 

The seventh – ‘the faster you have your second kid, the better it will be for you to set up their funds and all that.’ 

Are 7 reasons good enough for me to go for a second kid?

hahahaha you must be kidding (literally)!!

P.S. I have nothing against a second child, just that I don’t think I will have another one till ‘we’ , i.e. hubby and me and R are ready for it!

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  1. You may wait for as long as you want but don’t be taken up by what your friends and well wishers say. Each child is as demanding and different from the previous one. Don’t expect to be let off easily.

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