Of A Bizarre Break Up

A man has a bizarre break-up with his fiancee because she has a bad back; what other strange relationship failure stories have you heard?


So the other day, R, my friend XX and I went to someone’s house for Ganpati darshan. This girl is a colleague in office, so I went and did darshan and since RD was waiting down, I rushed through. Just as I was rushing out, I saw this really pretty girl enter my friend’s house and I was like wow, she looks gorgeous.

I forgot about her, until the another day, she told me, did you see that pretty girl who entered the house the other day?

I was like, yaa she was really pretty na?

XX: Well, she had a very bizarre story.

RM: What happened?

XX tells me that, apparently, she was engaged to a guy. The guy was a bit on the heavier side, but she was not someone to go by the physical looks and agreed to the alliance. After their engagement, her to-be-father in law got a bit sick. So this girl went to meet him, and something happened and she bent down to pick up something.

As soon as she came back to normal position, she clutch her back and said ‘oh my back’…

and the boy immediately told her that he won’t marry her.

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She was shocked. She asked him why and he said ‘at this age if you are clutching your back,what will you do during the time of delivery of a child? how will you manage the delivery and take care of the child?’

and so the alliance broke off.

Apparently, this girl got her tests done and gave it to the boy (Why???) but the boy was adamant that he didnt want to marry her.

I just couldnt believe it when STD told me this story.

You got to be kidding,I told her.

No RM, its true, I am serious.

I was like, how could someone be so foolish. I dont know what else to call the fellow. I mean just because your fiancee bends and gets up clutching her back, you break off the engagement!!

I wonder why the girl got tests done and give it to the guy. XX’s logic is that, everyone knew about the engagement and she didnt want to spoil her parents reputation.

Honestly, I think this is weirdest reason I have ever heard for someone to break off an engagement!!!

and oh, I am also happy it happened when it happened. What if after marriage, he had come up with something as bizarre as this?

I think the poor girl has been spared a lifetime of craziness.

Has anyone else ever heard of something like this ever?


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