The Story Of A Father

Posted: December 25, 2011

This is going to be a real short post…I was astonished (yes, I admit this) to hear from the girl who stands next to me in the bus stop and works for my company, that her father…read on..

Her father has 4 daughters. Their mother died when her eldest sister was in class 7, the second one in class 5, my friend 5 years old and the youngest one 3.  She died of a heart attack…

And the father single handed brought them up, yes without another marriage. Thankfully they were financially well off…


This is what actually happened:

– All the relatives abandoned him, from both sides of the family. He was the sole provider and helper for the family. I think he hired a maid for some years to take care of the kids when he went to work but took voluntary retirement after some years
– He was asked to remarry and when he said who would a woman marry a guy with four girls already, he was asked to leave the children in an orphanage and start his life afresh
– He was asked to give up at least two of the daughters who were younger (my friend and her younger sister) so that some woman would marry him…

He refused…he took excellent care of them right from combing their hair, cooking their food, and teaching them about periods…everything. All his four daughters are doing very well. The oldest one works as a beautician with a parlour at their home, the second one works for some engineering firm, so does my friend and the youngest  one has just gotten into a new job. All of them are proudly earning their own money and now taking care of their father…

I must admit that I was astonished to hear this, because I am yet to know a man who would do that…my friend is so proud of her father..and so am I.

And oh, I must add, that my friend must be nearly 25, which means this actually happened 20 years ago!

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  1. It is credible and almost unbelievable story if at all its true.This is taken forgranted from women in our society but easily palatable for men setting such example.salute to such a father .

    • @Jaya: I agree..totally

      @HHG: Isnt that great…more to such fathers

      @Arundhati: Exactly

      @Ani: Totally saluting 🙂

  2. not all that unusual. I know of a father who also lost his wife when his children were very young. He too brought them up without re marrying. his mother was alive till the older girl reached college and his son was in the final year of his engineering. He got his daughters married to decent guys and his only son/DIL takes very good care of him. He was also asked to remarry but he refused.

  3. Raising a child single-handedly is not easy – whether it is a man or woman. Hats off to this person who managed four. This also goes to show ‘men can’t do this’ is not a valid argument. If they want to (and if we let them), they can.

  4. wowww and hats off to the great man..

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