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Why I Still Have Hope Around

Posted: April 5, 2012

While all over the media you hear about honour killings and bride burning, here is something that may make you happy!

A sweet  love story I heard the other day…

This girl in my office – met her in the wash room and went ga-ga over the lovely clothes she wears 🙂

I know she just got married, because she was wearing those lovely bangles (Choodas?) which the north Indians wear after the wedding..

Just generally discussing, and I asked her if it was an arranged marriage.

She says, Na! love marriage…we were in the same company, know each other for 4 years.

RM: Wow…so is he a Punjabi too

She: no no, he is an Oriya

RM: Super…so how did it happen?

She: well, we really didn’t go around, but then about an year ago, I got this job offer, I came here and started missing him

RM: Awww! how sweet..then?

She: Well, one day we were talking on the phone and I proposed..and he said ‘okie’

RM: Seriously?

She: well, he just said okay and then I was like oye, why didn’t you propose then?

And he said ‘well, I do like you but would have been heart broken if you had refused, so didn’t have the guts…and I knew you have the guts in you to propose to me’.

and then she blushes.

RM: Awww! thats so totally cute rey..

She: so well, proposal on the phone and then he talked to his parents and I talked to my parents and then they were okie from both sides..so there we got married!

RM: wow..no issues from your parents, isn’t that great!

She: Totally, both sets were pretty cool about it..

RM: now, that’s a lovely story to tell your children…Ma proposed, Pa accepted and lived happily ever after

She: Blushes

Sigh! such stories sure make me feel that there is still hope in this world!


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