Small Budgets, Big Goals: Marketing When You Don’t Have The Money

Posted: September 8, 2015

If you are an entrepreneur at an early stage, how do you do marketing on a small budget or even a zero budget? An innovative marketing plan becomes essential!

Does that seem contradictory? It is a bit like a chicken-and-egg story. You can’t grow because you don’t have the money to reach out to customers, and you don’t have the money to reach out, because you don’t have many paying customers yet!

Entrepreneur Naiyya Saggi, the Co-Founder & CEO of, a discovery platform based on the recommendations of parents, shares what she did upon starting out.

Faced with the small-budget-big-goal problem, the Naiyya and her team at BabyChakra focused consciously on ‘Influencers’ – community members who had valuable influence with others, and could help take their product to others, thus multiplying their reach.

We are excited about having Naiyya Saggi speak at our upcoming event for women entrepreneurs in Mumbai (also for entrepreneurs in the making) – Breaking Barriers to Growth: The Money Edition. You can get a quick preview of her journey at the video below.

Naiyya will be sharing more about how she grew BabyChakra, and especially about her learnings from raising funding, at #BreakingBarriers. Here’s where you can get your pass!

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