Best Of Women’s Web – Editor’s Pick For Sept 2012

Food, Travel tips, Feminism 101 - sharing the best of Women's Web during Sept 2012

One of the best things I like about being Editor of Women’s Web is the diversity of writers we get to work with, and the lovely surprises we get as a result. Sometimes, we know what we’re getting in advance, because we’ve asked a writer to work on something, and sometimes, a reader will just send us something that totally blows my mind. Even when we have asked a writer to work on a story, we never know exactly what the end result is going to be like – and that’s really the fun of working with words.

So this month, I’d like to raise a toast to all of our wonderful writers, and if there is a writer on Women’s Web that you particularly like, do take a moment to comment on her story. Newsflash: Writers, (mostly) love your feedback.

Going on to my favourite pieces on Women’s Web this month, here we go:

Anne disabuses people of the myth that the modern Indian woman cannot cook – read for a good dose of humour and a masala prawns recipe.

Tired of hearing about vaginal whitening and tightening? We got Dr.Lakshmi Ananth to give us the true health and hygiene tips that women need.

You may believe in equality, but Indian customs and traditions offer plenty of scope for discrimination, whether it is against women, those considered ‘lower caste’ or on the basis of class. Sandhya Renukamba shares her thoughts as a parent, on teaching equality to children.

Our travel section focuses on the experiences of women having fun and being adventurous! Divya has an account of scuba diving in Thailand that will make you want to go book your tickets…

Call yourself a feminist, and you’re likely to get people telling you to ‘get real’ because the world is not perfect. Archismita has a wonderful Feminism 101 post on why feminists fight – its precisely because they know the world is imperfect.

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The recent exodus of people from the North East from many Indian cities on account of rumours of violence, makes Makepeace Sitlhou examine her identity as a single woman living in the city.

Those were my picks from this month. Do share with me your favourite recent articles on Women’s Web!


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