10 Things That Women Are Not : A Quick Guide To Who Women Are

In this witty piece the writer talks about 10 things that women are not. It's a quick guide to who women are. Not an angel or a mystery, women are people

In this witty piece, the writer talks about 10 things that women are not. It’s a quick guide to who women are. More than an angel or a mystery, women are people. Surprising, isn’t it?

Sometimes, I feel like we have too many similes as to what women are. Women are as pure as snow. Or, women are like leaves that will be hurt if a thorn pricks them (yes, there is apparently a proverb to this effect). And of course, women are goddesses, but only until they reveal their feet of clay. In which case, we can compare them to all kinds of garbage, because you know, we women have double standards to live up to.

Since there seems to be a lot of confusion as to what women are, and are not, here is a handy list to tell us all what women are. If you catch yourself making any of these comparisons, (even the seemingly positive ones), pause, reflect, and read the last line of the post again.

  1. Women are not a white sheet, meant to be written on by ‘that one special man’. Women can write their own lives too.
  2. Women are not a mystery, that needs special skills or learning to unearth. Some women say what they mean, others are difficult to understand.
  3. Women are not roses (or flowers in general), who add beauty to everyone else’s lives. Women need beauty and peace too.
  4. Women are not diamonds ‘meant to be hidden. Women don’t need to be hidden, for their own safety or anyone else’s.
  5. Women are not a fragile piece of glass, that breaks irrevocably if it falls down. Many women fall and get up, some don’t or can’t.
  6. Women are not a prized possession, to be handed over carefully from father to husband. Women have the ability choose where they want to go and whom they want to be with.
  7. Women are not cats to enter into a ‘catfight’ when they disagree with each other. Nor are they wild horses that need taming by the right man. Nor cougars if they date a young man. Women can date, have sex, laugh, disagree, or fight, without your needing to compare them to cats, cougars, horses or other animals.
  8. Women are not fruit or a piece of cake or other food object to be enjoyed by someone else. Women can enjoy themselves as well, by themselves or with another person.
  9. Women are not wild horses that need taming by the right man. Adults relate to each other in a mutually consenting fashion, without one needing to subdue the other.
  10. Women are not goddesses. Most important, this one. Goddesses come with pedestals, women don’t.

Now that we know the many things women are not, here’s a quick guide to what women are: People. 

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