Flex The Workplace

Posted: August 17, 2010

juggling_time5.jpgOur first contest, on Mommy Guilt went off beautifully, and received a great response from readers. Here we are again, with another contest – this time, on a totally different theme, but also of great importance to women.

The Flex The Workplace contest is about getting your inputs on how to make employers (of any kind) more family-friendly, and therefore women-friendly. It’s about making workplaces more flexible so that women don’t have to "choose" between work and family.

Go ahead, tell us your idea on what you think employers could do. And of course, we have a cool prize on offer, to reward your efforts – a free career advisory session from Fleximoms, who are running the contest along with us. (Even cooler – the prize is transferable, so if you don’t need it right now, you’re free to pass it along to someone else who does). 

Founder & Chief Editor of Women's Web, Aparna believes in the power of ideas

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