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[PHOTO SERIES] 10 Beautiful #QuirkyLove Photos Of Indian Couples Who Rock!

Have fun viewing these photos of Indian couples at their wackiest best - having fun, off on adventures, sharing a laugh - and best of all, being friends.

Have fun viewing these photos of Indian couples at their wackiest best – having fun, off on adventures, sharing a laugh – and best of all, being friends.

Once upon a time, photos of Indian couples came in a pretty standard mode: sombrely looking into the camera or smiling sheepish, demure smiles self-consciously.

Not any more!

These photos came in as part of a #QuirkyLove photo contest that we at Women’s Web did with Soul Cafe. I am sharing here some of the most creative and appealing photos we received – a mirror to how Indian couples today are relating to each other in new ways and creating the relationships they truly want.


Winning entry from Pramilla Joshi Kulkarni

Pramilla: In the 20 years we’ve known each other and the fifteen that we’ve been married for, we’ve both had a good many #QuirkyLove moments. This one is my favourite. It was taken on a family trip to Mahabaleshwar. We captured this mad moment when the elders of the family were strolling elsewhere, much to the chagrin of our 6 six year old who grudgingly clicked this photo. She secretly admires us for the Quirkyness though. Stay Quirky, stay happy, stay in love!

Winning entry from Prateeksha Shetty

Winning entry from Prateeksha Shetty

Prateeksha: “I love being married. Its so great to find that one special person you want to annoy for the rest of your life!”

Photo submitted by Abhigya Chetna of her friends Shweta Panwar Ranjan and Abhishek Ranjan.

Photo submitted by Abhigya Chetna of her friends Shweta Panwar Ranjan and Abhishek Ranjan.

Abhigya: “They are two crazy people who found love and friendship all at once and in the same person.They complement each other so well and in spite of their extreme differences in their upbringing, culture and caste they are soulmates.”

Soul to Soul: On the bricks; photo submitted by Dolan Chattaraj

Soul to Soul: On the bricks; photo submitted by Dolan Chattaraj

Dolan: “This photograph was taken among the ruins of a Buddhist monastery located in a village in Konaseema, Andhra Pradesh. My husband and I decided to have some “seriously light moments”, when my dear father-in-law, very promptly captured our playful moods in his phone. I love this photo as it highlights the quirky friendship I share with my husband.”

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Photo submitted by Sudeepta Mohapatra

Sudeepta: “Ours is an arranged marriage but I consider myself the luckiest to have found someone as mad as me. We love to travel, cook, trek, camp, bike and make fun together in as many as possible ways and also keep capturing those experiences through our lens…This particular pic is a personal favorite because it reminds me of the spontaneity of the situation. It was minus 13 degrees Celsius in Jersey City, USA, chilly and horribly windy and we dared step out for our photo shoot adventure. This has been auto clicked by the help of timer on the camera. The pose was supposed to be different but he instantly held me up and surprisingly, despite all the clumsiness in those few secs, this is what came out!” 

Photo submitted by Amit & Guneet

Photo submitted by Amit & Guneet

Amit & Guneet: “Married since 8 years, now transformed into soul mates, since we found our deep love while travelling together to Turkey. We travel as best buddies & do crazy stuff together. 1000ft up in the sky. Hot air ballooning upon the volcanic caves of Capadocia, Turkey together was the most adventurous thing we had ever done in our lives. We make each other a better ‘We’ & freedom to be ‘Me’.”

Photo submitted by Madhu Arora

Photo submitted by Madhu Arora

Madhu: “We’ve known each other for 19 years now, and we fight, we fight a lot. But as much as we butt heads, I also know we cannot imagine our lives without each other. He is bossy, insensitive, and thinks every thing is a joke. I am bossy, over-sensitive, and think that life is a Greek tragedy smile emoticon. So all in all, our quirks balance us out. The attached picture is me apologizing for getting angry at our wedding because his baraat was late by hours. The other one is him apologizing in public, for something that I don’t remember, three years later. I framed the two together, reminds me of that balance. #TillDeathDoUsPart buddy!”

Photo submitted by Shruti Dehadrai

Photo submitted by Shruti Dehadrai

Shruti: “Its a funny memory… when my husband and I had been to Madam Tussauds, Singapore. It just made us happy to be silly.”

Photo submitted by Jyothi D'Mello

Photo submitted by Jyothi D’Mello

Jyothi: “It is said that opposites attract. My husband and I are a mixed proof of this law. We are poles apart in our character and behaviour, but at the same time we both love good food, music, movies and a relaxed vacation. We are also a cake smasher couple. Well, to be honest, it’s me who enjoys smashing cake on bday boy’s face. He just reverts with revenge every year. This pic shows the irritated look on my husband’s cake smeared face, whilst I am revelling in the same.”


Photo submitted by Pooja & Bharat Somani

Photo submitted by Pooja & Bharat Somani

Pooja: “Quirky love is – a guy passing a funny comment about your t-shirt at the gym and marrying him 5 months later… and holding our 7 month old today (5 years later)!”

Love these #QuirkyLove photos? Single and looking for a safe space to meet interesting people? Do check out Soul Cafe and perhaps we’ll get a #QuirkyLove photo from you some time too!

And if you’d like to see all the sweet, funny photos we received for this contest, head over here!



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